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2013 NAB Show Preview

2013 NAB Show Preview

Mar 8, 2013 4:00 PM

The NAB Show is our largest broadcasting event of the year, and it continues to grow. But it’s not just broadcasting; It’s become the electronic media gathering. There’s so much to see at the convention — HD Radio, streaming, handheld devices and apps, crowdsourcing, RDS, IP everything — your attention is pulled in multiple directions.

The show floor is only part of the experience. The Broadcast Engineering Conference has topics that cover every aspect of radio. And there’s more to be learned in sessions in other conferences.

All this said, to make the best of your time at the convention, you must plan ahead. And that doesn’t mean browsing some info on the plane before you land. That’s why we put our convention preview together in the March issue.

Our preview of new products gives some insight as to the new technology you’ll see on the exhibit floor. And we continue to receive more new product info after this issues is printed, so be sure to also look for our NAB Insider email newsletter.

As you discover what you want to see on the floor, plot your course quickly on the Radio Hall map.

And take in a session or two or more. The Broadcast Engineering Conference radio session overview gives you a quick scan of what’s being presented.

See you in Las Vegas.

– – Chriss Scherer, editor

New Products at the Convention

Adobe Systems Creative Cloud

Creative sharing hub

AETA Audio Systems ScoopFone HD

Mobile phone


Digital automatic microphone mixers

Aphex Microphone X

Cardioid condenser USB mic

Arrakis ARC-15

Broadcast console

Audio-Technica A-T2020USB+

Cardioid condenser mic

AVT Audio Video Technologies Magic THipPro

Telephone talkshow system

Barix Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Reference clock

Bird Technologies Group 7020 Series

Bird Technologies Group 7020 Series

Burk Technology PlusConnect BDI DPS-100D

Remote control meter interface

Davicom AEDS

AES/EBU detector switcher

DaySequerra M4FM-HD

DSP-based radio receiver

Dialight Vigilant L-864

LED-based medium intensity red beacon

Ecreso Helios FM 350W


Elenos Indium Series

Solid-state transmitters

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2013 NAB Show Preview

Mar 8, 2013 4:00 PM

ESE ES-210

Quad 1×6 1/5/10MHz distribution amplifier

Gefen ToolBox Mini PACS

Automation control system

Harris Intraplex IP Link 200

Audio codec and 2013 Pick Hit Award Winner

Inrix Digital Media Suite

Traffic service

iZotope Insight

Metering suite


Call screener module

Logitek Mosaic

Updated mixer

Mayah Communications MOBI

Mobile broadcast app

MusicMaster Version 5

Scheduling software

Myat SS201XWA2-1, SS301XWA2-1

N+1 switching matrix

NewTek TriCaster 40

Desktop video production

Roland Systems Group V-4EX

Video mixers


Touch monitor

Sierra Automated Systems KDL-16, KEL-16

AoIP interface cards

Sonifex Redbox RB-IPE

IP extender

Staco Energy Products FL160 250


Streamstar Webcast Case

Webcasting studio

Studer CMS Lite

On-air telephone system

Tascam US-322 and US-366

USB interfaces

TC Electronic LM2 Radar Loudness Meter


The Padcaster

iPad stand for video

WorldCast Systems MasterView Web

SciptEasty enhancement

March 2013

The 2013 NAB Show preview, streaming audio update, Sierra H updates its transmitter site, Field Reports on the Elenos ETG and Presonus StudioLive 24,4,2 and more….

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