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BE Radio Pick Hits Rules 2001

BE Radio Pick Hits Rules 2001

Jun 1, 2001 12:00 PM

  1. Products must be new and not shown at a previous NAB Spring Convention. In some cases, distinguishing a new product from a modified older one is difficult. For �Pick Hits� purposes, a new product is one with a new model number or designation.
  2. Products must have some positive impact on the intended user’s everyday work. Judges search for equipment intended for use on a regular basis. Products should provide new solutions to common problems.
  3. Products must offer substantial improvement over previous technology. Unique circuit architecture need not be included, but some new approach or application must be involved in the product’s design.
  4. The price of the product must be within reach of its intended users. The judges seek products appropriate to a wide range of facilities.
  5. The products must be available for purchase within calendar 2001. Equipment must be on display on the show floor, currently (or imminently) in production, and some type of product literature must be available. Judges take the exhibitor’s word on availability dates. Products demonstrated in private showings do not qualify.
  6. The Pick Hits Judges operate independently from one another and remain anonymous to everyone including other judges until the selection meeting. This ensures that the products chosen are truly representative of the industry, that the judges were not persuaded in any way, and that the entire selection process is as fair as possible.
  7. The editorial staff of BE Radio magazine serves only as a moderator during the final selection process and has no influence or decision in determining the winners.