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Comments on EAS Improvements

Comments on EAS Improvements

Mar 22, 2010 10:49 AM

Broadcasters are required only federal commandeering and testing, now and future?

So, a tornado blows through here. Even if the station is populated with real human beings, there is no requirement to alert to life, limb, property peril?

Not BS or wolf crying, but real dire emergencies?

Then you must advocatorialize that the new rules are a sham.

I cannot depend on the most dependable link I have. If the steel is not on the ground, radio could be the only thing left to inform critical services and deadly warnings. The only thing I have between me and the possibility of my entering a permanent tense.

This should include cable, cable access, et al.

No, 24 hour staff should not be mandated.

But, if they’re up and populated and not medicated, or if they can be found in bed, why wouldn’t state and feds want this warning system up and flying in the face of disaster? It’s a mandate missing that will kill people.

Broadcast is becoming of less use all the time.

Dave Burns
Richmond, IN