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Digital Alert Systems DASLC+, DASLC+R

Digital Alert Systems DASLC+, DASLC+R

May 27, 2014 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Emergency messaging platform
These new models double the input capacity of the DASDEC-II LC low-cost CAP/EAS systems. The new DASLC+ and DASLC+R accept more monitoring source inputs while providing core EAS/CAP decoding functionality, audio switching, and radios in an all-in-one package. A new expansion slot on each model gives users room for future upgrades. Like their two-input predecessors, both the DASLC+ and DASLC+R offer broadcasters critical functionality in a low-cost design, while the DASLC+R features three integrated high-performance AM/FM/NOAA radio receivers. Both models meet all FCC Part 11 rules and conform to FEMA CAP v1.2 and IPAWS 1.0 standards, giving most low-power stations everything they should need for FCC EAS compliance

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