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EAS @ 2011 NAB Wrap Up

EAS @ 2011 NAB Wrap Up

May 11, 2011 2:06 PM

Gary Timm, a consultant with Touchstone Consulting, shared his thoughts on the state of EAS at the 2011 NAB Show. He posted his comments at the AWARE Forum website. (Also on Twitter.)

AWARE is a social network that aims to increase access to accurate, timely and relevant information during emergencies. It seeks to build a community of interest on emergency alerts and warnings by bringing together the people working on these initiatives. It provides a forum to share ideas and thoughts, hear key insights, learn about best practices, and connect with members of the community.

Part 1: Proposed New FCC EAS Rules Coming “Very Soon”

Part 2: Monumental FEMA Training Developments

Part 3: Update on FEMA and NWS Programs

Part 4: 3D, Tweet-TV and Emergency Alerts

Alabama Storm Warnings Use Alert FM for Signaling

In Alabama, the Alert FM system is deployed in 18 counties across one-third of the state….

Digital Alert Systems Dasdec, Monroe Electronics One-Net Complete IPAWS Conformity Assessment

The IPAWS Conformity Assessment verifies the products conform to requirements for receiving alerting messages from the FEMA IPAWS system….