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Iphone tools

Tech Tips, Dec 2009

Almost everyone carries a handheld device today. Some started with Palm Pilots and moved up to Pocket PCs before owning an Iphone or Blackberry. I asked Gary Kline for a suggestion of his favorite Iphone app for radio engineering purposes, and he told me about Islipstick ( The app is available through the Itunes store, and it was written by Sam Virgillo, CBRE CEA. Islipsitck is a collection of commonly used electronic formula calculators and value converters.


  • Ohm’s Law
  • Reactance – Find the reactance of a capacitor or inductor at a specified frequency.
  • Resonant Frequency – Find the resonant frequency of a capacitor inductor pair.
  • Voltage Divider – Find the unloaded output voltage of two resistors in series.
  • Parallel Resistance – Find the total resistance of up to six resistors in parallel.
  • Impedance and Phase – Find the resultant impedance and vector angle of a series or parallel RLC circuit.
  • Op-Amp Gain – Find the gain of both inverted and non-inverted op-amp stages by entering two resistor values.


  • Resistor Color Code
  • SMT Resistor Marking
  • dBm Converter – for 50, 75 or 600 ohm loads.
  • Voltage Converter – between RMS, average, peak and peak-to-peak
  • Temperature Converter – Fahrenheit, Celsius, Rankine and Kelvin
  • Period to Frequency Converter