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NAB Extra! (2004)

NAB Extra! (2004)

Mar 1, 2004 12:00 PM

Studio-sized router


Booth N2802

Bridge Satellite router cage: The Satellite Router has all the capabilities of the Wheatstone Bridge Router, but is scaled to meet the needs of most studio locations. It uses the same card family as the larger Bridge Router, assuring system-wide compatibility. The router has ten card slots and accepts the same family of cards as the Bridge cage. A second redundant power supply module is optional, and a DSP/CPU fail-over is also available. It offers all the functionality-routing, networking, mixing and logic I/O-in any combination desired. Satellite cages can be mounted anywhere within a router system.
252-638-7000; fax 252-637-1285;[email protected]

Composite cables


Booth C3351

Access Control Banana Peel: These composite cables don’t have an overall jacket., eliminating an entire step in the termination process. Short circuits, typically caused by contact with the center conductor while stripping off the outer jacket, can also be prevented. The cables are available in both plenum-rated and riser-rated versions, and can be color-coded with application printing on the cables. They are rated at 750C, 300V and approved to NEC Article 800. The individual cable jackets are sequentially marked at two-foot intervals and the cables are available in 1,000ft put-ups.
800-BELDEN1; fax 765-983-5294;[email protected]



Booth N3712

Midnight Blues 1 and 3: The MB1k and MB3k unidirectional dynamic vocal microphones feature a neodymium magnet structure for more output and faster transient response. A Magna-Lock switch design provides silent on-off operation and the XLRM connectors are corrosion-resistant and gold-plated. The mics also include the AT8470 Quiet-Flex stand clamp and ?”-27 to ?”-16 threaded adapter. All models are available with an optional 15′ XLR cable.
330-686-2600; fax 330-686-0719;[email protected]

XLR chassis connectors


Booth C5842

AA series: Available only in female versions, these receptacles are compatible with the A series. The AA series features a larger surface contact and gold plating at the contact mating area, and will be a drop-in replacement for comparable A series part numbers. Compatibility includes panel cutout and PCB layout. The series will be available in 12 standard three-pin female horizontal and vertical PC-mount versions. A retention spring instead of a latch is offered on most versions and the PCB contacts on the connector are partially plated with silver for increased solderability.
732-901-9488; fax 732-901-9608;;[email protected]

Studio Telephone Access Center


Booth N2722

STAC6 and STAC12: These Studio Telephone Access Centers incorporate two digital telephone hybrids handling as many as four callers. Designed for listener lines, talk shows and call-in segments, they are offered in six and 12 phone line versions with the ability to upgrade in the field. The accompanying control surface supports unique producer and screener configurations. IP-based call screening and control is embedded, enabling operation from virtually anywhere. Other unique features include auto-attendant and support of up to four control surfaces.
800-237-1776; fax 978-784-1717;;[email protected]

Automation system


Booth SL2477

Digasystem Latitude Edition: A scalable platform with network capabilities, the basic version of this system consists of three complete preconfigured workstations and a server with all of the software modules required for editing, organizing, scheduling and playing programming. This product can be upgraded with 20 options to add and customize additional features such as Web applications, automation, file transfer or import modules for a wide range of applications.
703-396-4900; fax 703-396-4939;;[email protected]

Broadcast mixer


Booth C5236

S2: This small format, modular digital and analog I/O broadcast mixer offers features such as a flush-mounted chassis, several input and output channels, PFL/cue, fader-start operation, automatic monitor muting on mic-live and light switching remote outputs. Optional EQ on input modules is available. Two main audio buses allow the user to broadcast on the PRG bus while recording on the AUD bus, with bus output selection on each module.
207-773-2424; fax 207-773-2422;[email protected]

Compact monitor


Booth N1300

Speaker: The design philosophy behind this speaker was to replicate the boombox sound, which is created by the plastic housing. The speakers use similar materials to copy this sound to provide a reference point of what the radio audience hears on low-quality audio products. Features of this speaker include 5W to 30W power rating; 8V impedance; 80Hz to 18kHz frequency response; and banana jack inputs. The speakers measures 7.12″H � 7.87″W � 6.5″D and it weighs 2.8lbs.
207-773-2424; fax 207-773-2422;

PDA audio recorder

Prophet Systems

Booth N3312

Pocketgen: This software allows the transfer of digital files from a remote location back to the station. The system provides recording to hand-held devices that interface to most automation systems. Record the audio and press the transfer button. Other features include seamless integration of transfer software and audio recorder; record, insert, append and re-record options; the ability to transfer files individually or in a batch; and it interfaces to most automation systems.
800-658-4403; fax 308-284-4181;[email protected]

Digital STL/TSL system

Moseley Associates

Booth N1907

Starlink 9003T1: This digital STL/TSL system for T1 circuits features LAN connectivity for transmitting Ethernet to and from the transmitter site to support datacasting for HD Radio and RBDS song title and artist data. It encodes linear uncompressed stereo program channels at either 44.1kHz or 32kHz digital sample rates. A six-port multiplexer and built-in CSU allows combining of these data channels with the program audio for a bi-directional connection to a T1/E1 line, microwave radio or license-free 5.8GHz link.
805-968-9621; fax 805-685-9638;[email protected]

SBE certification sample test software

Society of Broadcast Engineers

Booth Lobby 17

Cert Preview: The Society of Broadcast Engineers Program of Certification has released a sample test software program to assist in preparation for taking an SBE certification exam. Replacing the previous DOS version, the new version operates on Windows and provides a flexible platform for updates, changes and enhancements. The software disc includes tips on taking an SBE certification exam and several types of practice test modes.
317-846-9000; fax 317-846-9120;;[email protected]

Condenser mic


Booth N2812

BCM 104: The first product in the broadcast line, this condenser mic offers an independent, functionally-optimized design derived from 3D simulations. The large-diaphragm condenser capsule features a cardioid directional pattern with internally switchable proximity effect compensation. A second switch allows the sensitivity to be reduced by 14dB. The microphone headgrille twists off for quick cleaning. Optional, color-coded headgrills are available. The BCM 104 has an elastic mount.
860-434-5220; fax 860-434-3148;;[email protected]

Audio cables

Gepco International

Booth C1429

61801EZ: This single-pair audio cable is available in 20 colors with a riser-rated PVC jacket. The cable features stranded, tinned-copper conductors that facilitate quick soldering or punch-down and a polyethylene dielectric. Each pair is shielded with an easy-to-strip, bonded foil shield with drain wire. These materials, combined with Gepco’s uniform pair twisting process and tight mechanical tolerances, yield low loss and reduced noise.
800-966-0069; fax 847-795-8770;[email protected]

Media management system

Dalet Digital Media

Booth SL3842

DaletPlus Radio Suite: This media management system enables radio broadcasters to produce and deliver news and music programming. The system incorporates a set of easy-to-use production tools as well as a workflow management module that facilitates every step of the process: audio and wires acquisition, search and retrieval, production, script editing with embedded audio, planning, scheduling, broadcasting and archiving.
212-825-3322; fax 212-825-0182;[email protected]

Digital on-air processor

Broadcast Warehouse

Booth N1710

DSP X: Designed for use as an FM, AM, digital radio and Internet streaming audio processor, this device is driven by an eight-bit micro-controller that controls an array of specialized analog and digital circuits. Features include 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, analog level control circuitry, 18 � 24-bit DSPs, an Ethernet port, a trigger port, two RS-232 ports, LED audio metering, an LCD screen, two sample-rate converters, a headphone jack and memory devices to hold the software and firmware.
+44 208 5409992; fax +44 208 5409994;[email protected]

HD Radio transmitters


Booth C1906

Mini HD: With this new line of 10W to 600W HD Radio transmitters, Harris can now support multiplexer input, interleaved antenna and separate antenna applications. Like the Z-HD radio transmitters, the Mini-HD line is available with the Neustar option, which enables supplemental audio channels and 5.1 surround-sound applications.
800-622-0022; fax 513-459-3890;;[email protected]

Audio codec/mixer

Musicam USA

Booth N1006

Roadstar: This portable stereo digital audio codec sends and receives real-time audio, ancillary data and contact closures from remote locations. Based on the Netstar, this product is housed in a compact enclosure with protective elements for controls, cables and connectors. Four XLR inputs feed individual level and pan controls. Each input can be switched for mic, line or unbalanced operation. All inputs are equipped with switchable phantom power. A separate AES/EBU input can bypass the mixer section. Analog and AES/EBU outputs for return audio are standard. The codec can simultaneously send and receive bi-directional audio via IP through its Ethernet port, and can connect to ISDN codecs through its BRI ISDN terminal adapter.
732-739-5600; fax 732-739-1818;[email protected]

Newsroom production software

KLZ Innovations

Booth N724

Wire Relay: An IP-based content distribution system, Wire Relay enables multi-site NewsRoom4 users to create their own news network, keeping affiliates supplied with current, targeted material. Stories received by a hub site are automatically pushed out to wire stores at locations across the system. Any embedded audio travels with the text, creating a local copy with Activex control at the destination. Configuration options allow the hub to determine which stories are forwarded and to where.
800-334-9640; fax 204-663-1970;;[email protected]

Automation software updates

OMT Technologies

Booth N709

Imediatouch: New live-assist features, satellite interfacing and non-proprietary architecture allow this on-air system to run without constant supervision. The system integrates with most third-party music scheduling, commercial scheduling, a company website and multi-track recording software and dedicated broadcast hardware such as touch screens, consoles or satellite receivers in the environment. The digital system uses the company’s audio codec player, recorder and transcoder.
888-665-0501; fax 204-783-5805;;[email protected]

Audio engine updates


Booth N3307

Digital console enhancements: Enhancements to the digital console are a two-stage talk show delay, silence-sense capability, EQ and dynamics processing, input metering on every fader and compression metering on faders where activated. Enhancements to the audio engine include a full X-Y router, mixed analog and digital I/O, multiple mix-minus buses, IP and multisite operation, and physical and virtual controllers. The Optical STL is available as part of the audio engine and offers as many as 64 channels of bidirectional audio to be sent as far as 10 miles without data loss or compression.
800-231-5870; fax 713-664-4479;;[email protected]

Solid-state FM transmitters

DRS Broadcast Technology

Booth N2402

Continental 815D5 and 815HD5: These are 5kW solid-state FM transmitters with an RF combining and splitting system that withstands as much as three times its operating RF requirements. This transmitter line offers a combiner system that allows the most RF possible to get to the output in the event of single or multiple amplifier module failure. The 815 Series includes 24.5″ (12 rack units) of user-available 19″ wide rack space and built-in ancillary equipment power outlets.
800-733-5011; fax 214-381-3250;;[email protected]

Mic preamp

Aphex Systems

Booth N1009

1100 MKII: A wide dynamic range microphone preamplifier, this product features a discrete Class-A tube design with a 24-bit/192kHz A/D converter. This unit offers an EIN of better than 135dBu and also features a stereo, optical S/PDIF and a full-featured AES/EBU digital audio output. Separate �” jacks are also provided for insert points.
818-767-2929; fax 818-767-2641;;[email protected]

Telephone interface

JK Audio

Booth N4616

Autohybrid: A passive, auto-answer and disconnect telephone line hybrid, this interface provides simultaneous send and receive audio through analog telephone lines. The RA4, an optional rack panel, holds four Autohybrids in 1RU or eight hybrids in 2RU. The dual-transformer hybrid circuit provides a nominal 20dB separation of send and receive audio. A detachable screw terminal block allows for easy connection to remote control features. Balanced XLR jacks provide the audio connections. Other features include off-hook LEDs and auto-answer switch.
800-552-8346; fax 815-786-8502;[email protected]


Audio Processing Technology – APT

Booth N902

Worldnet Oslo and Worldnet Ohio: These codecs deliver low delay audio over T1, E1, TCP/IP and ISDN networks. The Worldnet Oslo can network WAN/LANs over synchronous circuits and simultaneously send audio over the same circuit. This feature is useful to broadcasters who are attempting to network remote stations within a radio group.
323-463-2963; fax 323-463-8878;[email protected]