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New Products (Aug 2003)

New Products (Aug 2003)

Aug 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

New products from:
Adder Technology, Andrew, Creative Labs, HHB, Marti Electronics, Mediatouch, Orban, RCI Custom Products, Rolls Corporation, Sennheiser Electronics, Sierra Automated Systems, Sound Performance Lab, Soundcraft USA/BSS Audio,, Steven Klein SCR, Stratosaudio, Symetrix, Tascam/Teac Professional, Telos Systems, TFT, Tieline Technology America, Will-Burt, Z-Systems, Adobe, Audioscience, Burk Technology, Eventide, Netia, V-Soft

Digital audio broadcast system

Imediatouch v.2

New features added to the four core Imediatouch modules include on-screen recording and voice tracking, front sell and back sell info, audio audition inside the audio library, show log fade out, multiple music beds and repeat and playback while recording long files. Production tools include an easy-to-use interface, improved search engine capabilities, improved editing functions on .WAV, .MP2 and .MP3, an automated visualization file feature and automated level adjust.
fax 204-783-5805
[email protected]

Location sound recorder


This portable recorder uses a compact, robust, shock-resistant removable 2.5″ hard drive to save files in BWF and SDII formats, allowing full compatibility with Mac and PC-based digital audio workstations, connecting via a drive docking station. More than two hours of eight-track 24-bit/96kHz recording, or more than nine hours of four-track 24-bit/48kHz are possible on the supplied hard drive. A comprehensive six into two digital mixer is built-in, enabling the simultaneous recording of a stereo mix alongside six discrete inputs. Microphone inputs offer six high-gain, ultra-low noise balanced XLR mic/line inputs with individual phantom powering, gangable limiters, attenuation, high pass filter, delay and phase reverse. The recorder is equipped to read and generate timecode in all popular international frame rates, and to synchronize to word clock, video sync and digital inputs. A SCSI interface is provided for data transfer to and from external storage devices, and USB and Ethernet ports are included for control, logging and upgrades.
fax 310-319-1311
[email protected]

Audio processor

Optimod-FM 8300

The 8300 is a mid-priced processor with many of the sound processing features that were previously available only to 8400 owners. One-knob adjustment allows the user to customize any factory preset, trading cleanliness against processing artifacts according to the requirements of the market and competitive environment. Tight band-limiting to 15kHz means the user can use any uncompressed digital STL to pass 8300-processed audio from a studio to a transmitter without compromising on-air loudness. Works with STLs of any sampling rate. The unit provides universal transmitter protection and audio processing for FM broadcasting. The processor provides 50� and 75� pre-emphasis curves. The integrated stereo encoder has two outputs with independent level controls, each capable of driving 75O in parallel with 47,000pF. The unit prevents aliasing distortion in subsequent stereo encoders or transmission links by providing bandwidth-limiting and overshoot-compensated 15kHz low-pass filters ahead of the processors audio outputs and stereo encoder.
fax 510-351-0500
[email protected]

1�” coaxial cable

HJ6-50 Heliax

This 1�” Heliax air-dielectric cable is designed for antenna jumper cable assemblies and low-power main feeds. The cable is flexible and offers electrical performance with a power rating of 205kW. The cable uses a polyethylene spacer to ensure maximum power handling capability, which results from the cable’s low attenuation and heat-transfer characteristics. Attenuation at 600MHz is 0.687dB per 100′. This cable joins the existing family of Heliax products that range in size from �” to 5″ diameters.
fax 708-349-5444
[email protected]

Modular audio console

Sierra Automated Systems

Built in a partnership with Ward-Beck, this analog console can be tightly integrated with SAS routers. The console can be equipped with individual router input select directly on the input module. Based on the Ward-Beck R2K series, which was first introduced in 1998, the console will be marketed in the United States exclusively through SAS and its dealer network.
fax 818-840-6751
[email protected]

KVM extenders

Adder Technology

The X-Gold, X-Dual and X-KVM provide extension of all keyboard, monitor, mouse, serial and audio signals, enabling remote control of a PC or KVM switch via 650′ of UTP cable. The X-Series features scalability based on modular construction, which can be used in a stand-alone environment or rack-mounted.
fax 888-275-1117
[email protected]

USB audio/MIDI interface

Tascam/Teac Professional

Designed as an affordable interface to send audio and MIDI to and from computers, this interface is Mac and Windows compatible. It features two XLR-based, phantom-powered mic inputs with analog inserts that allow hardware devices to be placed into the recording signal chain. Two line-level inputs on balanced �” TRS jacks are included and are switchable to guitar-level for direct instrument recording. Its two line-level outputs provide control for levels, and a dedicated headphone output is also included. This product also offers 16 channels of MIDI I/O for use with synthesizers and other MIDI equipment.
fax 323-727-7635
[email protected]

USB audio interface

Creative Labs
Sound Blaster Extigy

This audio interface provides notebook and desktop users with a quality interface through the USB port. The interface delivers 24-bit/96kHz multichannel audio playback and 100dB signal-to-noise ratio. It can function independent of the PC as a Dolby Digital decoder. The included PlayCenter 3 software allows users to rip MP3 and WMA music files at 320kb/s and then organize, customize and record MP3 music. This unit easily plugs into any available USB port on a PC or notebook. Connect the PC or notebook to most digital entertainment devices such as DVD players, CD and MP3 players, MIDI devices, stereo and multichannel speakers or headphones. Featured ports include Optical and MIDI In/Out, S/PDIF-In, Line-In and Mic-In.
fax 1-405-624-6780

Codec router enhancement

Tieline Technology America
I-mix Digital Matrix

Combining a compact remote digital mixer with a built-in 15kHz POTS, POTS/ISDN or wireless codec, the new router software allows operators to route any mixer input to any mixer output. For example, the user can choose mic/line inputs 1, 3 and 4 to be routed to the main program feed encoder while the return decoded audio plus inputs 2 and 5 can be routed to the PA. Any input can be set as a cue interface and routed to any headphone output. All headphone outputs can be split for any cue, communications or main program combinations.
fax 317-259-8040
[email protected]


Soundcraft USA/BSS Audio
Spirit E series

The mixer family includes the E6, E8, E12 and ES models. Each features a new mic preamp that provides a wide gain range of 55dB and 22dB of headroom through the console. Professional 48V phantom power is available to accommodate condenser microphones. The Peak LED taps the signal at multiple points to indicate overloads in several parts of the channel strip, and the LED lights more brightly as the signal approaches the peak point. Each channel has a long-throw 100mm fader. The E6, E8 and E12 have six, eight and 12 mono inputs respectively. The ES has 10 stereo inputs and four mono inputs. Two of these stereo inputs are equipped with equalized phono preamps. All models have two auxiliary buses.
fax 615-367-9046
[email protected]

Digital audio router


This 1RU audio router accommodates 15 sets of eight-channel ADAT or two-channel S/PDIF ports, for a total I/O capacity of 120 asynchronous digital channels. Routing is accomplished by a single front-panel button. The OptiPatch+ and the smaller OptiPatch offer up to 99 I/O crosspoint routing patterns. Users simply connect rear-panel inputs and outputs to digital audio sources and destinations, press a single front-panel button and the patch is created.
fax 352-371-0093
[email protected]

Safety system

D-TEC Emergency Bypass System

This product allows operators to override the company’s D-TEC ac field detection system during rare occurrences of communication malfunctions or false trips. Benefits of the system include operator safety and enhanced success in delivering live transmissions from the field. The safety system provides ac field detection, object proximity detection, tilt sensor detection and above the mast illumination. D-TEC also features a built-in anticollision system that automatically stops mast extension, providing added protection for the operator and equipment from overhead hazards. The system features a spring-loaded key switch and two spring-loaded push button switches that are located in different positions. This ensures that two personals evaluate an area for a safe mast extension before the system is activated. Once activated, an audible siren turns on followed by an English and Spanish verbal warning announcement stating that the operators are about to override a safety system.
fax 330-684-1190
[email protected]

RBDS data manager

Web Management Reporting Software

This software provides real-time reporting tools that give broadcasters the ability to provide data mining services to content owners, advertisers and other interested parties to study listener response and sales behavior to on-air content. SAW MRS collects and stores the real-time data feed from the Stratosaudio Broadcast Management Software (SABMS). Third-party reporting services may enlist the use of the real-time data to increase the accuracy of their offering and broaden the scope of their reporting services.
fax 626-289-0405
[email protected]

Remote transmitter

Marti Electronics

This wide-band, dual-frequency RPU transmitter can cover several VHF bands. The unit uses an RF synthesizer design that allows frequency pairs to be as much as 50MHz apart. This design allows greater flexibility in a station’s RPU system and precludes the need for multiple transmitters for spread frequencies. The SRPT-30 replaces the RPT-30 remote transmitter and provides a 20W to 30W output.
fax 817-735-9340
[email protected]

AM/FM tuner

Rolls Corporation

The TU78 features 75ohm FM and 300ohm AM antenna inputs, stereo line-level RCA outputs, a variable tuning control and an AM, FM stereo, and FM mono band select switch. An LED indicates when a station is locked, another indicates a stereo signal is present at the outputs. The unit operates on a 12Vdc power supply. The compact size makes it ideal for remotes, house PA or EAS decoder feeds.
fax 801-263-9068
[email protected]

Sound control panel

Steven Klein SCR
Saturn Polycylindrical Diffusor

This sound-diffusing panel can be placed on walls or ceilings to reradiate sound energy through an angle of 120�. The polycylindrical-shaped diffuser has been in use for many years, and offers an advantage over more complex diffusers that produce frequency shift. Panels measure 23�” square by 5″ deep. The panel can be placed on walls or used in standard drop-ceiling grids.
[email protected]

Large-diaphragm condenser microphone

Sound Performance Lab

Built to SPL’s specs by Audio-Technica, the Nugget is based on the A-T 40 Series. The mic uses a 1″ diaphragm and fully transformerless circuitry for accurate, musical reproduction and high SPL capacity, and features a switchable 50Hz high-pass and 10dB pad. A high-quality shock mount is included. The cardioid pattern has a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response, a 129dB at 1kHz dynamic range, 50ohm output impedance and a 78dB S/N.
fax 805-435-7455
[email protected]


EAS 911D

The EAS 911D is an FCC type- notified EAS decoder-only that permits decoding and automatic or manual forwarding of EAS messages. The self-contained rack-mount unit was designed for use by low-power broadcasters. The EAS 911D offers many of the features of the EAS 911 encoder/decoder, including a built-in impact printer, character generator interface, a lighted numeric keypad, practice operation and many visual indicators. Password protection allows setup for all parameters associated with decoding EAS messages, including setting station’s FIPS code. A digital voice recorder provides the audio portion of EAS messages and automatically records incoming audio messages.
fax 408-727-5942
[email protected]

Audio routing and processing

Symnet Studio Matrix

Built on the Symnet Audio Matrix technology, this system is a scalable, modular, redundant system useful for the audio routing and processing needs of small to medium-sized radio stations. Systems are configured by networking as many as 15 redundant pairs of specialized, 1RU DSP-driven devices into a matrix. Hundreds of input and output signals can be brought into the systems and routed via mixers, selectors and crosspoint matrix/mixers up to 32 � 32. Interconnect between devices is facilitated by a low-latency audio bus technology that allows routing between any two or more points in the system.
fax 425-787-3211
[email protected]

Skimming software

Telos Systems
Profiler v2.0

This software audio recorder archives program audio to time-annotated MP3 files with a range of bit rates. Users can store logged audio to a local hard drive, a Web or FTP server, or networked drives to remotely audition logged content. Several skimming tools are available to capture programs for rebroadcast, and to facilitate quick assembly of airchecks and composite shows. A Smart Skim mode balances quality with space-efficiency, allowing users to archive non-critical programming using maximum compression, automatically switching to high-quality skimming when talent mics are open. Remote users can audition secure audio streams via LAN, WAN or the Internet during capture, which is useful for remote listening.
fax 216-241-4103
[email protected]

Headset mic

Sennheiser Electronics
ME 105

This head-worn mic system offers a modular design for use with Sennheiser’s ME 105 super-cardioid capsule. It will also accommodate the ME 102 omnidirectional and ME 104 cardioid capsules. The ME 105 miniature condenser capsule uses a super-cardioid pickup pattern that, coupled with the close address distance of the headset, offers optimal isolation with effective feedback rejection and rear-field noise suppression.
fax 860-434-1759
[email protected]

Press media multibox

RCI Custom Products

Featuring the best features of each of RCI’s high-end multifeed boxes, the BM-16D adds mic/line switchable inputs and outputs. It features custom-made Jensen transformers, active electronics, input VU meter and multiple Switchcraft output connectors including �” phone, mini and RCA. The unit is housed in a Zero Haliburton case.
fax (240) 912-0131
[email protected]

Software using online library

The Web-based CAD system is online at This suite of applications allows users to design integrated systems using an online library of more than 30,000 symbols. The Web-based applications provide the same functionality as the company’s installed software programs, but are designed to run within a Web page, making them instantly available, always up-to-date less expensive for the end-user. Drawing operations and rendering are executed on the client side for speed, and symbols libraries, product information and other design elements are stored in databases on the server.
fax 212-372-8798
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

Adobe releases replacement
Adobe Audition is multitrack recording software for Windows-based PCs. Previously named Cool Edit Pro 2.1, this product was acquired from Syntrillium Software in May 2003. Adobe Audition is available as a stand-alone product or in the new Adobe Video Collection. Registered users of Cool Edit Pro 2.x can obtain a free upgrade to Adobe Audition. Previous version register users including Cool Edit 2000 can upgrade for $99.

Burk Technology ships Lynx 4.2
Version 4.2 of the Lynx software for the GSC3000 and VRC2500 transmitter remote control systems is now available. The new version features automatic report printing and custom user privileges, along with more flexibility in how users manage multiple connection settings.

Netia develops for Pocket PC
Netia has entered the wireless world by completing its range of digital Radio-Assist software with a first product for Pocket PC. The new version of Insider is called Insider Pocket PC. This intranet-based lookup program is designed to give quick access to any multimedia item in a database.

Audioscience releases software
The Hardware Programming Interface (HPI) audio adapter driver software is available as source code under the General Public License (GPL) open source license. The HPI allows application developers to exploit the advanced digital processing features that Audioscience cards feature. The source code is available on the company’s website under the download section.

Eventide ships Reverb 2016
The sound of Eventide’s SP2016 reverb has been recreated in the Reverb 2016, manufactured by Princeton Digital. The reverb features dedicated controls and menu-free operation in a 1RU, roadworthy chassis. The unit recreates the original reverb algorithms of the Eventide SP2016-stereo room, room reverb and high density plate, as well as new enhanced versions of each algorithm.

V-Soft adds ZIP Code search tool
The ZIP Code-signal look-up tool can find the signal strength of AM and FM stations at ZIP Code centers anywhere in the United States. The feature is a free V-Soft Communications’ website service.