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New Products (Aug 2005)

New Products (Aug 2005)

Aug 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Remote monitoring


Easi-8: By connecting this Ethernet-based remote monitoring and control system to a LAN hub, concentrator or Ethernet switch, the system can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. A unit will monitor eight inputs and each input can be individually set as metering (voltage monitoring) or status (binary). Multiple units can be tied together via the software control panel. The unit can make ac or dc measurements of zero to 160V with auto-ranging or user-defined scales at 1, 4, 16, 64 or 256V. It can also measure an ac frequency range of 20 to 400Hz.
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Cordless, rechargeable headphone


K206: This wireless UHF stereo headphone system uses a PLL-synthesized radio section that delivers a signal as far as 150 feet away, penetrating walls and floors. The transmitter operates in the 914 to 916MHz range. Three selectable channels enable it to side-step interference. The headset receiver offers an auto-tune feature. The product’s three-in-one transmitter integrates the storage cradle and battery charger. The system comes with high-current rechargeable batteries that will deliver about 15 hours of operation when fully charged. The transmitter can be used with several headphones.
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Remote power controller


Power Boss PB1: The first in a new line of power-management products, the PB1 control unit allows the individual power-cycling of eight pieces of equipment � such as routers, servers, transceivers, amplifiers and air conditioners � at the mixed voltages commonly found in remote and local sites. Control sites via its mechanical relays that handle ac or dc current to 10A at 60Vdc or 277Vac. The controller is available in rack mountable form, weighing 5.5 pounds and measuring 14.25″ x 1.75″ x 7.8″. Power requirements are 24Vdc to 60Vdc, with an operating temperature range of zero to 40� C.
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On-air processor


Optimod-FM 5300: This processor provides five-band and two-band Optimod processing in a 1RU package. The processor’s built-in stereo encoder, AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs and analog I/O provide connectivity. Tight band limiting to 15kHz allows uncompressed digital STL to pass processed audio from studio to transmitter. The processor features three remote control ports: GPI contact closures, RS-232 serial and built-in Ethernet for TCP/IP networks. Built-in clock-based automation allows for automatic daypart processing.
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GPS time

Broadcast Tools

Time Sync Plus: The equipment provides four GPS time referenced outputs. The first is a SPST relay, which pulses at 54:30 each hour and is user programmable for any minute and second each hour. The second output is an active high driver with a 100ms pulse every second, while the third output is a 4,800 baud, RS-232 serial port. The fourth output will provide an active high driver in two serial time code formats. Indicator LEDs are provided to display power/valid GPS data, programming mode and time sync relay operation.
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Upgrades and Updates

Orban has released Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder Version 2.0. This version features a new mid-cost SE (standard edition) and adds several features to the existing PE (professional) and LE (light) editions. (…Scheduall has released version 4.46 of its scheduling and resource management software suite, including Scheduall, Schedulink and Newsplan. (…The Axia Smartsurface version 2.5 software has been released. The primary update to the software adds compression, de-essing and a noise gate to mic channels. (…Radiosophy has added a USB port to its Multistream HD Radio receiver. This inbound-only service port will eliminate the need to return the unit to the manufacturer for software updates. (…The A-Ware Software has released version 2.0 of its Musicmaster for Windows music scheduling software, which adds a real-time studio editor, a trivia editor, manual-assist scheduling, a custom separation wizard, external library synchronization, segue preview and new schedule editor tools. (…The Henry Engineering Studiodrive is now available with a USB interface, which allows it to be used with any computer without a sound card. (