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New Products (Aug 2006)

New Products (Aug 2006)

Aug 1, 2006 12:00 PM, by Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Tower duplicator

Microboards Technology

Blu-Ray Tower: The tower is available with five or 10 recorders. Its onboard high-capacity hard drive supports image storage, and the system will duplicate Blu-Ray discs and DVD-recordable discs. Systems come with a one-year warranty and unlimited phone support.
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Drop-in modules, studio accessory panels

Axia Audio

Accessories for Element: New accessories for the Element console include interface modules for Telos broadcast telephone systems, a Production Module and Motor-Fader modules that work with the Element’s Show Profiles feature to recall preset audio levels. Six Studio Control panels interface with the Element to provide on-air hosts, guests and producers remote control of headphone selection and mic channels. Six accessory panels for the Element are available: the Mic Control/Headphone Selector Panel is equipped with an LED alphanumeric readout; the four-button programmable Smart Switch and five-button Film Cap accessory panels provide access to customized software functions; and the Producer’s Mic Control Panel is for use at a dedicated producer’s position.
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Dual-capsule mic

Marshall Electronics

MXL V67I: Incorporating dual 1″ gold sputtered capsules, a red LED on both sides of the mic indicates which side is currently active. The solid-state electronics can operate on phantom power. On the instrument’s back is a 6dB attenuation switch that enables the microphone to better handle high sound pressure levels, along with a low frequency roll-off switch to compensate for proximity effect or to eliminate wind noise during outdoor recording.
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Programming for HD Radio multicasts

OMT Technologies

HD Now: This service provides HD Radio multicast broadcasters with a way to control programming and content. With one workstation, stations can create multicast programs by accessing a music library with more than 150,000 music titles or 100 programmed channels in various music formats. Multiple HD Radio channels can be managed remotely from a central location to include customizable music, liner and commercial content that is relevant to each market.
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EAS, wire service capture


Alert Ready: This electronic newsroom, EAS alert and wire service capture software allows the user to capture all these events in a personal e-mail account. It stores the needed documentation if the EAS printer fails, and it can also be used to save paper and archive EAS messages. The system runs in the background of any Windows 2000/XP computer. The software generates a warning if planned tests do not occur. One computer can be used to capture and e-mail messages from multiple receivers. Users can automatically publish EAS messages to a website with the Web Ready add-on.
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Automation software

Prophet Systems Innovations

Nexgen 2006: One enhancement to this software is that it offers an easier way to produce podcasting content. Users can burn podcasts straight to an audio or data CD using the Podcast Wizard and Podcast XLR8R. Users can also preschedule podcasts to be automatically created and transmitted. Automatically back up station content as well as restore Voice Tracs and logs. Titles now include station, date, hour and position within the hour. If stations have to do re-takes on Voice Tracs, the software lets users undo and redo them, making it easier to create multiple takes.
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Mixing console


M7CL: Available in 32- or 48-channel formats, the console features a small footprint and a lightweight self-contained design useful for fixed and mobile applications. The Centralogic interface combines a touch-panel control surface with Yamaha’s Selected Channel structure that guides the user through a logical navigation system. The console features four stereo inputs and three mini-YGDAI expansion card slots, 16 mix buses, eight matrix buses, an L-C-R bus, eight DCAs and 16 omni outputs. The built-in power supply is backed by optional single or double failsafe external PW800W PSUs. Full-length 100mm motor faders are provided for all input channels. As many as eight signal processors can be used simultaneously, and all of these onboard modules are capable of operation as graphic EQs.

Buy-it-now service

Pop 2 Life

P1 SMS: Using short message service (SMS) codes, a station listener can obtain song and artist information. The service tracks the music being played on a station and then sends a reply to the user. The message reply provides listeners with a way to buy a ring tone and receive artist alerts. A station can access a Web interface to customize SMS codes for additional events, such as contests and polls. The interface also features several reporting sections that can be used for research, revenue tracking and DJ interaction.
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Amplifier, exciter


SST-1000C: This system includes SST-30FS, a 30W exciter, a broadband SSA-1000C, a 1kW amplifier, an ac line surge protector and a polyphasor lightning protector. The SST-30FS includes a built-in stereo generator. All chassis are 19″ rackmountable and occupy 19.25″ of rack space. The ac line surge protector features additional ac outlets that can provide line surge protection for processor and STL receiver.
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USB audio interface


UAX220-Mic: This equipment provides professional mic preamps, 2/2 balanced analog I/Os, no driver to install, no external power supply required and direct control of all settings on the box. Key features include a dedicated headphone output stage with independent level control, Neutrik XLR connectors and headphone jack, and zero-latency direct monitoring.
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Silence sensor

Digital Juke Box

Silent Treatment: This silence sensor software program runs on any PC to monitor an audio channel from a radio station or Internet stream. The end user can set the listening device, threshold, delay before notification, e-mail addresses to alert, send text messages to several cell phones and even trigger a program to run.
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Millcreek Broadcasting needed to develop a new antenna site in Utah’s Bountiful State Park, so the broadcaster called Jampro Antenna/RF Systems to design a low-profile tower that could deliver eight strong FM frequencies and allow for future expansion. ( � Backbone Networks has released version 4.1 of Backbone Radio Pro, its turnkey Internet radio station software suite. ( � Broadcast Electronics reports that orders for its Messagecasting products from The Radio Experience have tripled in the first six months of 2006 compared to the same time period in 2005. ( � Audio-Technica has released the next generation of its Artist Series microphones, which includes hand-held and instrument mics in a variety of polar patterns. ( � Las Vegas Pro Audio is now shipping the portable Soundfield ST350 microphone system. The ST350 is comprised of a lightweight multi-capsule microphone and compact mic-pre/control unit that generates surround and stereo simultaneously at balanced line levels. (