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New Products (Feb 2004)

New Products (Feb 2004)

Feb 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Upgrades and Updates

New products from AKG, Andrew, Aphex Systems, Blue Sky International, Broadcast Devices, Broadcast Tools, Crossing Point, Heil Sound, Lawson, NHTPro, Prophet Systems, Radiofrequency Safety International, Sennheiser Electronics, Steinberg and Whirlwind.

Speaker support system

Blue Sky International

The Stand:

This fully adjustable speaker support system is designed to work with nearly any manufacturer’s monitors that weigh as much as 80lbs. Its unique and patented center pole permits easy adjustment without any tools. It can be set for heights from 33.5″ to 45.5″ in 1″ increments. The Stand weighs 25lbs. and features a stable, four-leg, 3″ diameter, cast iron base. The bracket allows angle adjustment of 15 degrees, as well as horizontal adjustment of a full 360 degrees.
fax 516-753-1020
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Broadcast Tools

SS 4.1 III:

The SS 4.1 III passively switches or routes a variety of electrical signals to a destination or vice-versa. The unit selects any one of four stereo inputs to a single stereo output. The router/switcher provides passive switching through gold contact relays. The passive switching means that the unit can route a signal in either direction. Due to the passive nature of the switching, any input level and impedance can be used. Inputs may be balanced or unbalanced, while output levels, impedance, distortion, noise and balancing will match that of the selected input. Additional features include a selection of any active source at power-up, last source selected, audio mute, step input, control logic, open collector and multidrop serial port. Removable screw terminals are provided for most connections.
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Grounding kit



Providing lightning protection in an easy-to-attach compact, self-sealing package, these grounding kits feature a one-piece assembly with the weatherproofing molded directly into the grounding strap. The self-locking, self-sealing weatherproof boot eliminates added loose hardware and tape. The kit provides more than 200mm of surface area for minimum contact resistance and maximum protection. The kit is tested to withstand more than 100,000 amps peak current. The snap and lock installation process is especially designed for ease of installation on tightly bundled coaxial cables. The kit includes a universal grounding lug that can be connected to typical ground buses with one-hole or two-hole attachment points.
fax 708-349-5444
[email protected]

Sound design library

Crossing Point

Mixed Variables:

This production library contains an array of unique ambiences plus a plethora of hard effects. Numerous tracks were recorded with the Neumann KU 100 binaural head, which creates exceptional stereo imaging and soundfield depth over loudspeakers and stunning 3D qualities in headphones. Spatial enhancement was added to some tracks for broader stereo imaging. The three-CD set includes a broad range of sounds, containing 579 effects.
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Hand-held mic

Heil Sound

Goldline Pro:

By mounting the wide frequency response dynamic element into a special sorbothane shock mount system, Heil has created a mic with low handling noise. Features of this mic include a magnet structure and a large aluminum 1-?#34; low mass voice coil assembly; a phasing plug assembly with equally placed ports that sense audio from behind the source entering them out of phase, thus producing a linear cardioid pattern and reducing the proximity effect; a 40Hz to 18kHz frequency response; and an impedance of 600F balanced. The mic is usable in high sound pressure levels and is immune to overload conditions. The cardioid pattern offers rejection at 180 degrees off axis, which is directly behind the microphone and creates virtually no off-axis coloration while providing the greatest possible rejection of unwanted audio.
fax 618-257-3001
[email protected]

Utility amplifier system

Broadcast Devices


By using three standard modules, the system can accommodate a variety of standard and custom D/A configurations. The system is totally modular, including the power supply. All modules plug in from the front panel. There are two analog modules available in addition to a D/A converter module. Each frame is fully configured, labeled and tested before shipping.
fax 914-736-6916
[email protected]

Studio suites

Prophet Systems

Nexgen 2:

Choose from four Nexgen 2 Studio Suite digital automation solutions: Studio 11, Studio 22, Studio 41 and Studio 44. As with any studio solution, the company includes all the Nexgen software needed to run a station: Nexgen Digital, WANcasting, VoiceTRAC, Musicgen, CDX/AFC, Digital Reel-to-Reel and PhoneTRAC.
fax 308-284-4181
[email protected]

Control surface for Nuendo


Steinberg ID:

This control device allows audio professionals to control their audio software with a familiar console work environment. The fader section offers 24 channels for direct access. LCD displays provide track names and the current status of important channel parameters: solo, cut, track arming, direct channel strip access and automation status. The encoder section features a complete channel strip layout with 24 endless encoders with button function, 24 two-line displays and 24 level indicators for direct access to any channel parameter. The edit section’s integrated matrix ASCI keyboard and trackball allow the user to operate the computer and the software without mouse and keyboard.
+49 40 210 330
fax +49 40 211 598
[email protected]

Studio monitor



This studio tracking monitor produces high output with detailed, transparent sonics in a compact, space-saving enclosure. The monitor can have a horizontal or vertical orientation to be mounted across a meter bridge, on walls or on stands. The unit features high output and flat frequency response. The speaker complement includes two 8″ long-throw woofers, two 2″ aluminum-dome midrange drivers and a single 1″ aluminum dome tweeter. The cabinet is constructed of 3/4″ medium density fiberboard, measures 10″H x 22.5″W x 14″D and weighs 38lbs.
fax 707-748-5945

Tower safety sign

Radiofrequency Safety International

RSI 6412:

RSI specializes in assisting companies and organizations in developing comprehensive safety plans through site assessments and employee safety training. This competent climbers-only notice sign alerts personnel that anyone climbing the structure must be competent and qualified. OSHA requires being tied off for structures higher than 6′.
fax 866-825-4324
[email protected]

Condenser mic



The Lawson Air mic features an original capsule design using a variant of the company’s L47 capsule. The mic is a 48V phantom-powered, 1″ large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic with a six-micron gold-sputtered diaphragm. The capsule diaphragms are connected by the edge rather than at the center for more warmth, robust articulation and more resonant proximity effects. Air features the Lawson Quick Change capsule system that is easily removable and may be plugged into all other Lawson mics. The mic’s solid-state circuit features a Neutrik transformer, hand-soldered all-discrete components and a gold-plated XLR connector. The mic offers 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response.
fax 615-269-5745
[email protected]

Snake cables


Connect series:

Designed with many of the same features found in the Medusa Standard snakes series, this series contains a 100″ snake with 16 sends and four XLR returns. Other features include fanout with multiple layers of heat shrink; wire-mesh strain relief and grip on the box; and the connectors are hand soldered to the XLRs, not crimped.
800-733-9473; fax 716-865-8930
[email protected]

Modular condenser microphone

Sennheiser Electronics

Contractor series:

The Contractor series of microphones feature three capsules, the ME 34 cardioid, ME 25 supercardioid, ME 36 mini shotgun and two goosenecks, the MZH 3015 and MZH 3040. The capsules can interface with the two different-sized goosenecks of the series, the 15cm MZH 3015 and the 40cm MZH 3040. The compact MZH 3015 is flexible from the preamp to the capsule while the MZH 3040 has a single flex point above the pre-amp and a non-bending neck up to the capsule for a clean appearance. The system operates on 12V to 48V phantom power and will be initially available in black.
fax 860-434-1759
[email protected]



K101, K301 Xtra, K71:

The K 301 Xtra is a semi-open, large diaphragm headphone that provides audiophile grade sound. The Varimotion XXL transducers deliver high sensitivity and low impedance. In addition, the headphones provide deep bass, a frequency response of 18Hz-26KHz, its sensitivity 102dB and its output impedance is 55ohms. The K 101 headphones are an open-back headphone with a computer-optimized MX20 transducer design. The K 101 has a wide 18-22,000Hz frequency response and 101dB sensitivity and low 19-ohm impedance. The K 71 featherweight headphones are a semi-open headphone featuring high 100dB sensitivity and low 19-ohm impedance. The lightweight design weighs only 140 grams (5 oz.) and its easy load helps extend the life of the expensive batteries in portable devices. The K 71 headphone delivers a full 20-20,000Hz frequency response.
fax 615-620-3875
[email protected]

Compressor, leveler, limiter

Aphex Systems

Compellor 320D:

Now available with digital and analog I/O, this processor is useful for digital applications that receive or send bit-rate reduced audio. This product’s circuitry provides level-controlled audio through the use of simultaneous, complementary intelligent compressor action, leveling and peak limiting. Patented control circuits continuously analyze the input signal and vary the control characteristics to provide virtually undetectable operation. Heavy processing is imperceptible. This product will not unmask the masking algorithms of upstream bit-rate reductions and will feed a signal to the downstream bit rate reductions that will not create more artifacts.
fax 818-767-2641
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Sony introduces new MD format
Sony unveiled its Hi-MD format and audio players. The new format records as much as 45 hours of music on one disc. The players provide an extensive battery life and a compact design. The Hi-MD recorders incorporate the ATRAC3plus codec. With ATRAC3plus compression, more audio files can be burned to Hi-MD media or to a standard Mini Disc. Music can be compressed to 132, 105, 66, 64 or 48kb/s. The Sony Hi-MD recorders connect to a PC via a USB cable for high-speed music transfers.

Nullsoft releases Winamp 5.0
The audio and video file player Winamp has received an upgrade. Two versions are available, a Winamp Free and Winamp Pro.

Orban now shipping Opticodec-PC
Orban is shipping the Opticodec-PC, an MPEG-4 aacPlus software encoder. The software lets streaming providers supply content encoded with the Coding Technologies aacPlus codec. Media players such as Real Player 10 can now decode aacPlus streams. Opticodec-PC is available for Windows 2000 and XP and supplies streams compatible with the free Darwin Streaming Server, which is available multiple platforms including Linux, Windows and Macintosh. Opticodec-PC is available in two versions, LE and PE.