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New Products (Jan 2002)

New Products (Jan 2002)

Jan 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Cindy Holst, associate editor

Crown Audio

XLS series: This series includes the XLS 202, 402 and 602. There is a selectable high-pass filter (30Hz/15Hz/Off) on each channel. Each housed in an all-steel 3RU chassis, the XLS models use a forced air fan to prevent excessive thermal buildup. Front panels sport dual, precision detented level controls, a power switch and four LEDs, which indicate clip for each channel, power and fault conditions. Rear panel connections include two electronically balanced XLR inputs and touch-proof binding post outputs. XLS products are backed by a three-year, no-fault, fully transferable warranty. Power ratings (per channel) on the Crown XLS Series amplifiers are as follows: XLS 202: 250W/2ohms, 200W/4ohms, 145W/8ohms; XLS 402: 570W/2ohms, 400W/4ohms, 260W/8ohms; and XLS 602: 840W/2ohms, 600W/4ohms, 370W/8ohms.
fax 219-294-8250

Sennheiser Electronics

HD 280: Designed to deliver exceptional isolation from ambient noise with precise and linear sound reproduction at high SPLs, the HD 280 Pro combines high fidelity with practical design and maximum comfort. The HD 280’s form-fitting, ergonomically designed circumaural earpieces remain comfortable for long periods of listening and can be rotated for flat mobility and space-saving transport. Single-sided coiled cable gives users maximum flexibility on the job. Easy replacement of all wearing parts ensures long-life and functionality.
fax 860-434-9022
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Alarm voice response
Broadcast Tools

AVR-8: This device automatically reports changes detected on any of its eight digital inputs to a remote telephone and/or pager. After reporting, the AVR-8 allows the user to give it commands through a telephone keypad. Functions include telling the AVR-8 to report on the input state of any of the eight digital inputs, commanding the AVR-8 to pulse any one of its four SPDT relays for 750ms and/or turning any one of the relays on or off. In addition to initiating a call out when inputs change, AVR-8 monitors its telephone line to receive a call-in from a remote location. When a call is received, the AVR-8 speaks a greeting message and is then ready to receive and execute commands to report on its inputs or change to its relay outputs.
fax 360-854-9479
[email protected]

POTS andwireless codec

BlueBox: This codec delivers the audio quality of a Matrix or Vector (15kHz on a single dial-up line). The BlueBox is compatible with all existing Comrex POTS codecs, including the Matrix, Vector and HotLine. The BlueBox also provides GSM wireless operation to improve the audio quality of GSM phone feeds. Additionally, the BlueBox can connect to the hands-free port on mobile phones and place calls to telephone hybrids (no codec is required on the receiving end of the call). The BlueBox includes one mic/line switchable input, one headphone output and one line level output. An additional -10dBu tape input allows connection to a minidisc or DAT player. There are no special circuits to order and no distance limitations. With the introduction of the BlueBox, the HotLine has been taken out of production.
fax 978-635-0401
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NC3FXCC: This new XLR connector features a coaxial ground spring and coaxial hex crimp ferrule at the cable entrance for accurate and reliable transition of the shield to the shell. The NC3FXCC provides continuous (360�) ground connection between the cable shield and the connector shell, which is essential when transmitting digital audio signals. The connector includes a coaxial ground spring, which provides an accurate connection to the mating shell and features excellent screening up to 1.3GHz of min55dB. The NC3FXCC also incorporates a better shield (ground) connection than standard female XLR cable connectors.
fax 732-901-9608
[email protected]

IDT Impact Developpement

Virtual Voice Processor: Applying FFT to voice processing allows the voice to have the same depth and warmth as the music. Gone are the problems of sibilance, pop and all different annoying forms of noise. The FFT analyses the signal, concentrates on the frequencies of the voice, adding the programmed effects, yet working efficiently on the removal of the unwanted parts of the spectrum. A user-friendly interface on a PC allows customization of presets to bring the best out of each announcer’s voice. All the parameters can be stored on a compact flash card and inserted into any other VVP (password protected). The VVP is fully compatible with any other product of the IDT range. Features include processing at 96kHz, 40-bit floating point; a noise gate; a sibilance gate; a variety of plug-ins; multiple user selectable parameters; and a flash card to store and transfer parameters.
+33 472 18 19 20
fax +33 472 18 19 21
[email protected]

Four-channel mixer
Samson Technologies

S vox: This mixer features four-inputs with analog and digital outputs. Channels one and two feature microphone preamps. For direct input of condenser mics, 48-volt phantom power is provided. A phase reversal switch allows two channel micing. Channel controls include 3-band EQ with sweepable mids and an in/out switch that provides toggling between equalized and non-equalized modes. Channels one and two also use an optical compressor with selectable threshold. Insert points are provided. Two 5-segment LED meters show accurate information of input or output signals. Channels three and four provide line inputs matched for keyboards or other processors. They can also be used to return a stereo sub mix. All channels offer volume and pan controls. S/PDIF inputs and outputs digitally connect the S vox to a digital audio workstation. Rear panel 1/4″ TRS balanced mixer outputs are provided for analog recording. Control room/phones analog outputs can also be used to monitor the signal before or after it enters the DAW.
fax 516-364-3888

Sound Devices

MM-1: A high-performance, transformer-balanced, single channel microphone preamplifier with a flexible headphone monitoring function, the MM-1 produces low-noise, low-distortion gain at all switch positions. Its dual-stage limiter and high-pass filter prevent occasional signal extremes from overloading down-stream equipment. Flexible microphone powering provides phantom (48V or 12V) or 12-volt T-power. With its headphone monitoring function, the MM-1 is an advantage in applications where communications channels or mix-minus feeds need to be monitored in headphones. The user can monitor both microphone audio and external audio sources in headphones with level control.
fax 608-524-0655
[email protected]

Portable codec/mixer
AETA Audio

Scoopy: A reporter model audio codec, the Scoopy packages all four transmission systems (PSTN, ISDN, GSM and INMARSAT) and all the required compatibility protocols into an ultra-compact, lightweight case (1.5kg including batteries). The unit is also useful in distribution (sound is sent from a radio or television station to the transmitter) and contribution (sound is transmitted from the reporting site to the station) applications, allowing for mobility in live news and sports reporting anywhere in the world.
fax 973-659-9555
[email protected]


IBC 2000 Seismic option package: Customers can order Andrew shelters that will meet IBC 2000 Seismic Option code requirements. For states adhering to IBC 2000, this option is necessary if the shelter site is in a location with mapped spectral response acceleration greater than 50%g. The Andrew IBC 2000 Seismic Option package guarantees that Andrew-manufactured equipment shelters will meet or exceed all the new code requirements, up to the maximum mapped spectral response acceleration of 300%g.
fax 708-349-5444
[email protected]


VXpocket440 and Vxpocket v2: The VXpocket 440 features four balanced analog inputs at microphone or line level, four balanced analog outputs, one stereo SPDIF input and output accommodating direct digital transfer, and an LTC (SMPTE) time-code input. Also provided is a breakout cable with XLR connectors, phone (CINCH) connectors, and a mini-plug headphone output. The VXpocket 440, like its companion VXpocket v2 stereo card, offers 24-bit performance with PC applications using Microsoft’s WAVE protocol, as well as PC and MAC applications using ASIO. Enhancements for the VXpocket v2 include new cable that adds a connector for a headphone output and the inclusion of free SFX software. Stage Research has produced a basic version of its SFX software that works exclusively with the VXpocket v2. The software is included on the VXpocket installation CD-ROM.
fax 703-875-9161
[email protected]

MGE UPS Systems

Pulsar Ellipse: Available in power ratings from 300VA to 1200VA, these units have enough battery power to keep PCs running for 10 to 60 minutes or more. Microprocessor controlled charging extends battery life up to 50 percent, while smart battery management assures advanced warning when batteries need replacement. All models include smart communication capabilities that protect data in all major operating platforms in the event of an extended power outage. USB-equipped Pulsar Ellipse models rated at 300, 500 and 800VA feature integration with Windows 2000. Software for USB-based Macintosh computers is also available. Ellipse models in 500, 650 and 1200VA ratings use an RS-232 port that allows communication with Solution-Pac software for Windows 95, Windows NT, Red Hat Linux, Novell NetWare, SCO UNIX and Unixware. Additional features ensure maximum protection for all connected equipment.
fax 714-557-9788
[email protected]


30 Series: Three models comprise the 30 Series: the AT3035 large-diaphragm side-address cardioid condenser microphone, and the AT3031 cardioid and AT3032 omnidirectional small-diaphragm condenser microphones. The AT3035 has a fixed cardioid polar pattern and features a flat, extended frequency response (20Hz to 20kHz); SPL handling capability of 148dB (158dB with the 10dB pad); and an element yielding low self-noise (12dB SPL). The AT3035 requires 11V to 52V phantom power and has a switchable low-frequency roll-off (at 80Hz, 12dB/octave). The AT3031 cardioid condenser and AT3032 omni condenser microphones offer a frequency response of 30Hz to 20kHz; SPL handling capability as high as 148dB (158dB with the 10dB pad); 48V phantom power operation; and a switchable roll-off (at 80Hz, 12dB/octave).
fax 330-686-0719
[email protected]

Product update
Dalet Digital Media

TeamNews: Fast-Talk’s Phonetic Preprocessing Engine (PPE) and Phonetic Search Engine (PSE) have been incorporated into Dalet TeamNews, the digital content factory. Fast-Talk’s phonetic preprocessing engine will enable Dalet customers to pre-process live feeds and digital audio/video to create a searchable phonetic track. Using the phonetic search engine, customers can search processed media to find words, phrases and quotes without the need to first convert audio into text. Using Fast-Talk’s Phonetic Search Engine technology, customers can search at more than 36,000 times real-time (10 hours in one second) to find what’s needed more quickly and accurately.
fax 212-825-0182
[email protected]

Digitalaudio recorder
Nagra/Castlewood Systems

NAGRA-V: Developed to replace its analog reel-to-reel recorders, the NAGRA-V incorporates Castlewood’s ORB 2.2GB ultra high-speed removable cartridge drive for a faster, easier, lower-cost recorder that helps achieve industry-wide compatibility. The NAGRA-V records just once to the Castlewood ORB drive, at a transfer speed that is four times faster than DVD. Production sound recordists can record more than two hours of 24-bit digital audio recorded at 48kHz sampling frequency. Castlewood’s ORB drive provides the highest storage capacity at the lowest cost per megabyte. The ORB offers one-step recording, 10 times faster recording than optical and 2.2GB capacity. The ORB was developed specifically for MAC and PC products.
fax 615-726-5189
[email protected]

Multitone analyzer
NTI (Neutrik Test Instuments)

RT-2M: This multitone analyzer may be integrated in network administration systems and can be remote controlled. The RT-2M allows the testing and quality control of audio program channels while on air. The short (160ms to 960ms) multitone burst may be used as time tone, or be inserted into the program for minimum notice ability. Multitone testing with RT-2M gives the broadcast engineer complete performance tests with plots of level, distortion, noise, phase and crosstalk vs. frequency. The transmitting and receiving Rapid Tests handle the 50mu pre-emphasis and de-emphasis required by the CCIR standard. Test signals are resistant against enhancement and compression. The receiving RT-2M device captures, stores and sends back the test results to the transmitter where data is analyzed.
fax 514-344-5221
[email protected]

Loggercontrol software

ArchiveReview: Now, original archive media recorded on an Eventide logger can be searched and played off-site with neither a physical connection to the recorder nor the need to rerecord the data to analog audio tape or digital PC format. This new software also eliminates the need to own expensive and bulky play-only logging recorders. Original archives recorded on an Eventide logger are virtually tamper-proof. ArchiveReview software, in combination with the appropriate DVD-RAM or DDS archive drive, can be installed in any PC or laptop computer. It looks and loads like other Windows-based programs and requires a minimal amount of hard disk space. Eventide supplies an optional foot control that works with ArchiveReview and the user’s choice of word processor to facilitate the transcription of programming archives.
fax 201-641-1640
[email protected]

Satellitespectrum analyzers
AVCOM of Virginia

PSA-45 series: These spectrum analyzers are redesigned to incorporate a high contrast LCD display and battery power in an 8 pound package. Frequency coverage is 950MHz to 1450MHz (L-band); selectable LNB power (+12V/off/+18V) is provided through the input connector. The series includes two models: the PSA-45A and PSA-45B. The PSA-45A was designed for the inexperienced technician, with fixed span (950MHz to 1450MHz). The power switch and LNB power selector (+12V/off/+18V) plus soft keys for backlight and contrast adjustment are the only controls. The PSA-45B adds adjustable span and center frequency tuning. Amplitude can be displayed in dBm or dBmv. A ride peak function tracks peak amplitude; manual cursors allow non-peak amplitude measurements. The AC power supply accepts 85VAC to 264VAC.
fax 804-794-8284
[email protected]

Product upgrades

Selector XV and Linker XV: These products are significant new version releases of two products used throughout the world of radio programming, Selector and Linker. The upgrades are called Selector XV and Linker XV. The success of Linker promo scheduling has paralleled the growth of Selector music scheduling. Applying Selector-like rules to liners, promos and jingles came as a result of Selector users wanting the same tools to manage the promo and sales liners. Selector XV and Linker XV share a common interface and integration. Some of the newest enhancements in both programs include newly designed quick Windows navigation, increased capacity, customizable browses, drag and drop editing & clock construction, packets with names, chart editor and instant analysis in policy.
fax 914-428-5922
[email protected]

Helicon Vocal Technologies

Voice Prism Plus: A full solution vocal processor for stage and studio, the Voice Prism Plus features Voice Modeling technology. Voice Modeling is essentially realtime resynthesis and reshaping of the human voice. It offers a variety of ways in which to process the vocal input, including the ability to add breath, growl, rasp, head and chest resonance, inflection or vibrato. The VoicePrism Plus provides Voice Modeling features for the lead vocal channel, and a full range of effects, harmony and backing channel vocal processing under preset control for subtle to extreme vocal processing. The VoicePrism Plus also provides the ability to go directly from a phantom powered mic into its 48V mic preamp to access any of the onboard processes. Inputs and outputs include 1/4″ analog, 24-bit AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/Os.
[email protected]


HP75BNC Series: These BNCs are true 75V, designed for the broadcast industry, or wherever true 75V BNC connectors are needed. Made of high-quality machined brass, with 50MI gold-plated center pins, they meet the most demanding requirements for 75V BNC connectors. The HP75BNC Series is available in seven different configurations for the most popular cable sizes and types. All can be terminated with standard BNC crimping tools.
fax 773-792-2129
[email protected]

Internet access partnership

Radio Revenue: The primary objective of this program is to provide radio stations across the nation a way to privately brand Internet access. This is accomplished by combining the services offered by with the advertising vehicle of American radio. is a wholesale provider of dial-up Internet access. The program would require each company to provide a resource; the radio stations role is to solicit its listener base and’s role is to provide the service. (Internet access, customer service, technical support, billing and sales.) The goal of is to be invisible to the end-user/listener; the radio station will be able to privately brand the service with their name. will provide the service and the support, but the radio station will get the credit, brand recognition and a piece of the revenue.
fax 480-860-0800


ROTR series: Available in 35 rack spaces, the Captive ROTR rack consists of a rollout 22-inch deep rack frame on four-inch casters and a 16-gauge welded steel housing. A ball-bearing swivel base sits between the caster base and the reinforced 12-gauge rack frame, allowing 90-degree rotation when the rack frame is at full extension. Heavy-duty 28-inch full-extension telescoping sliders allow the rack frame to move smoothly in and out of the housing. The three-inch wide cable passage cutout in the roof combined with ample cable tie-off points in the rack allow for easy cable management. The racks are available in two (ROTR-2) or four (ROTR-4) slide formats capable of supporting 150 and 300 pounds, respectively. The rack extends twenty inches from its frame and can rotate 90 degrees in either direction. The system locks in the closed position with security panel and screws provided. A cable management system and an eight-space rear rack rail are included.
fax 973-523-5106
[email protected]

Mic armand riser
O.C. White

51900 Deluxe Series UltraFlex: This series combines the spring-counter-weighted 14194 mic arm with a 12-inch riser, providing height, reach, and flexibility, and allows placement of other studio equipment up to 10.5 inches high immediately adjacent. These arms are squeak-free for ultimate on-air performance. 51900 Deluxe mic arms offer exceptional quality, durability and holding power. Heavy-duty springs for larger mics are optional.
fax 413-289-1754

Distribution amp

FlexDA: This unit offers four inputs, sixteen outputs and a flexible routing system in a 1RU package. It is designed to distribute audio sources to multiple loads, each of which may be balanced, unbalanced, mono or stereo. The four inputs have individual front panel gain controls, and drive audio present LEDs for at-a-glance monitoring of signal status. Each output may be individually assigned to any of the inputs, or to one of two internal mix buses. These capabilities allow the FlexDA to operate in standard configurations as well as more unusual situations. The extra pair of inputs allows dual stereo operation, and the user can choose exactly how many outputs are assigned to each source. Inputs (on female XLR-3) and outputs (on male D-type connectors) are electronically balanced and may be individually unbalanced without affecting their level.
+44 14244 45588
fax +44 12424 43388
[email protected]


L2 Ultramaximizer: This plug-in offers an increased digital resolution wordlength-reduction system with ninth-order noise shaping, which can increase the perceived sound by as much as 18dB. For example, when you start with original sources of 20 bits or more, 16-bit and 20-bit masters may have the perceived sound quality of 19-bit and 23-bit signals. Features include 48-bit processing; sampling rates up to 96kHz; the brick-wall look ahead peak limiter from the Waves L1 software processor; Waves’ IDR (Increased Digital Resolution) wordlength-reduction technology (two types of dither and seventh-order noise shaping); and Waves’ ARC (Auto Release Control) technology for dynamically controlling release times for maximum level with minimum artifacts.
fax 865-546-8445

Systemdesign software

Terrain Analysis Package software v4.4: The upgrade pricing for the latest version of the Terrain Analysis Package Software (TAP) for RF system design (version 4.4) has been simplified. Users running version 4.3 will incur a minimal cost to upgrade to 4.4. It is not a function of how many modules a user has. TAP software allows users to have their own radio system design tools in-house. New features include: page layout scale and legend – with the ability to include a scale and a legend of field strength values; autodraw and autoprint – enables users to queue multiple studies to run and send the coverage maps to the default printer; pin function on profiles – users can select locations and mark them with the coordinates and a descriptive label; and boundary filter – enables users to exclude unnecessary information from your plot, resulting in faster plotting.
fax 303-344-2811
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