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New Products (Nov 2001)

New Products (Nov 2001)

Nov 1, 2001 12:00 PM, By Cindy Holst, associate editor

Handheld LAN analyzer

Fluke Networks

This product combines cable, network and desktop testing functionality into a single unit. NetTool includes a cable-testing capability, eliminating the need for a separate basic cable tester. The unit monitors network health for full-duplex connections. NetTool features individual frame counts for the desktop and network conversations. The device shows protocol mismatches between the PC and the network, and identifies unwanted protocols. NetTool displays advertised speed, duplex capability and final link configuration. The standarrd NetTool tester provides single-ended testing of cable and desktop-to-network connectivity. The inline model allows users to eavesdrop on the PC-to-hub link pulse negotiation process. Both models feature flash ROM technology for software upgrades.
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The MSP3 is a two-way powered speaker system designed to provide high quality monitoring for a home studio, computer-based recording systems, personal computers and music keyboards. Features include a 4 inch woofer housed in a bass reflex design cabinet, a �” dome tweeter and 20W of output power. Each cabinet contains balanced XLR connectors, �” phone jacks and RCA connectors, plus trim switches and full magnetic shielding.
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Multipleprocessor system

TC Electronic

Keep production simple and fast using the stereo up-convert facility of DB-8. Disable upconversion when transmitting, leaving only loudness control and limiting in the signal path. The 48-bit processing of DB-8 ensures pristine audio quality under all conditions. DB-8 features true loudness and multiband processing, consistent level control across programs and maximum speech intelligibility. The unit offers 8�Mono, 4�Stereo and 5.1 combinations, and format conversion and flexible routing. The DB-8 allows intersample accurate limiting for maximum sound quality from compression codecs. In addition, DB-8 offers silent update delay adjustments in combination with other processing.
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Digitalaudio workstation

Sonic Sense

A custom integration of recording software, soundcard, and configuration of high-quality laptop computers prepared to fit each recordist’s needs. Including a maximum capacity hard-drive and an optimized build of Windows, Sonicorder is changing the way audio material can be recorded outside of studio walls. Sonicorder customized laptops are prepared with proper settings to assure that your important recordings are as safe on the computer as they ever could have been on tape. The Sonicorder system is offered on machines that have been tested extensively. Additionally, for those interested in having their own laptops prepared for field recording, Sonic Sense offers customization services.
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Digitalaudio console


The console’s modular design allows users to hot-swap all modules for on-air servicing. Features include a traditional user interface, four stereo mix buses and fexible mainframe layout options. The unit is available with up to 26 input modules. Inputs can be field-converted from analog to digital (and back) through a simple daughterboard change. Users have a choice of 32, 44.1 or 48kHz console clock rates. The serial port allows true integration with routers and automation systems. Also included is a dedicated phone module with DSP generated MXM; two modules can be combined for up to four MXM sends. All channel fader, display and switch settings are addressable via the serial port for remote control and router/automation communication. Exclusive VDIP software allows configuration with a laptop PC. Once configured, the console runs standalone.
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Broadcastaudio processor


A broadcast audio processor using a 96kHz sampling rate and 24-bit resolution, Omnia-6 features five bands of AGC (Automatic Gain Control), six bands of limiting and a user-adjustable crossover network. Omnia-6 is DAB ready and ITU BS 412 compliant. Other features include remote control via modem, RS-232 or TCP/IP and built-in Omnia SPACE-EFX stereo enhancement. Omnia-6 offers preset storage using PCMCIA cards (up to 30 presets per card).
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Studiofurniture line

Middle Atlantic Products
MultiDesk Video

This furniture line is made up of a variety of modular desks, overbridge and side-bay systems that can be customized to suit the individual needs of any application. Each MDV system has been designed with proper ergonomics at the forefront and features a graphite top and sturdy steel-tube legs. Any of the six models in the MDV line can be combined to allow the user to personalize their workspace to meet their specific requirements. Users can choose from two styles of corner desks or a straight desk and build upon each with a four-rackspace overbridge, connecting wedge and 12-space side rack. In addition, a caster kit is available to add wheels to each side rack.
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Software remote control

Statmon Technologies
Statmon EMS

The software platform of this device enables the networking, monitoring and remote control of any device, and any quantity, in any network. Features of the unit include real-time command recognition and status updates; global computer network management; full event logging; real-time Internet access to data, control functions and monitoring of mission-critical systems; automation; and fail-safe problem solving abilities. The EMS also offers assurance against system downtime and is fully scalable and customizable. Emergency alarms are available via telephone, e-mail and wireless devices. The system uses off-the-shelf hardware and software in conjunction with a standard personal computer, notebook, pocket computer, or other handheld computerized device. The UIF 2 interface system is also available from Statmon Technologies.
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Fileconversion tools

Netia Digital Audio

Dispatcher, Web Dispatcher, Autofill: A powerful automation that can convert and export sound files directly from the Netia Radio-Assist database to any target destination. Specific functions define different profiles. Each profile includes conversion format, sampling rate, coding and destination. Dispatcher automatically converts and exports these files according to the predefined profile. Web Dispatcher is a direct application of this automation and adds a new Internet tool to the Radio-Assist range. Selected audio data is automatically put online for a Web site. Internet sound files are lifted directly from the sound bank and converted to Real G2 format then transferred to the Internet server via FTP. Associated XML and Media Object Server data are also distributed. Web Dispatcher generates the new Web pages dynamically and automatically publishes the selected sound files. AutoFill is a multiple-format import automation tool.
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Stereographic EQ

PreSonus Audio Electronics

The two 31-band equalizers offer three switchable ranges of operation: �6dB, �12dB or +12/-24dB. A security feature locks out all front faceplate controls using a programmable password-style of access. Once engaged, the DEQ624 will retain all settings programmed by the installer. The user has the ability to recall up to four presets on the DEQ624. The DEQ624 features a brick wall limiter with variable threshold and a downward expander with variable ratio and threshold. The inputs and outputs of the DEQ624 include XLR balanced, � inch unbalanced and barrier strips. The DEQ624’s adaptive hum cancellation identifies 60 cycle hum caused by ground loops and dimmers and uses phase cancellation to eliminate any problem without altering the audio. The DEQ624 also features high- and low-pass filters (20Hz to 20kHz), and Hi Q for selected frequencies.
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Broadband antennas

RFS Broadcast

This model is a circularly polarized Band II antenna with a nominal gain or -1.0dBd per plane of polarization. The antenna is fitted with a horizontal reflecting element to provide improvement in the directionality of horizontal radiation pattern. The thick walled stainless steel design ensures years of trouble-free performance in the most hostile environment, particularly if the system is pressurized. The element will some light icing; however, for more severe environments, optional radomes are available. The 828DA can be arrayed up to 10 levels. The parallel feed system facilitates the customization of null fill and beam tilt to suit customer requirements. Three versions cover the FM band, with each version designed to operate over a 10MHz bandwidth. 828 antennas using 1/2 wavelength spacing and covering 87.5MHz to 108MHz are available on request.
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An audio and data multiplexer for a full duplex channel E1/T1 of up to 2Mb, with capacity for 15 circuits of 15kHz, 31 circuits of 7.5kHz or 61 circuits of 3.5kHz, or the corresponding data channels V-35 or X-21 interfaces at 64, 128 or 256kb. From a multipoint network, a suite of Ranger and other E@sy equipment can be controlled, making a system of first-class features and powerful functions. The equipment is housed in a modular rack format, including two universal autorange power supply units. The rack handles up to eight audio and data cards. Ranger offers three audio quality compression modes: 3.5kHz (32kb), 7.5kHz (64kb) and 15kHz (128kb), all of them with low encoding/decoding delay features.
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