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New Products (Nov 2005)

New Products (Nov 2005)

Nov 1, 2005 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

Signal processing system


Monster FM: An integrated signal processing system, this processor offers a linear expander, a linear limiter, de-esser, a six band parametric equalizer and multiband compressors. It offers a frequency response of 30Hz to 15kHz �0.25dB and total distortion of 0.01 percent at 1kHz. Its total separation is greater than 85dB DIN. It provides gain riding to compensate for varying inputs levels, adjustable dynamic range control, loudness control, maximum level modulation and transparent peak limiting to prevent overmodulation. The system provides impedance of 10kO electronically balanced and sensitivity of -35dBu to +24dBu to produce 10dB gain.
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Peavey Electronics

Sanctuary S-4: The newest member of Peavey’s Sanctuary series of mixers works as a stand-alone four-channel rack-mounted mini mixer or can be linked with other S-4s for more channels. The mixer features the company’s Automix technology, an automatic priority and ducking scheme for minimizing off-channel noise and interference. The system also offers Mid Morph, a dual function cut and boost EQ designed for simplifying equalization settings.
fax 601-486-1486

Loop generator


Beatcraft: A software drum sequencer and loop generator, this product includes a library of 265 studio quality, professional samples recorded from drum kits, percussion instruments and vintage drum machines and synthesizers. The system features resonant filters and audio effects wrapped in an interface with a 32-bit sound engine. It requires Pentium II-400, Win95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP, 128MB RAM and a file size of 8MB.
fax 559-692-2214

Unidirectional mics


DR10, DR20: A dynamic microphone with a hyper-cardioid pattern, the DR10 and DR20 microphones provide a frequency response from 60Hz to 15kHz. A talk switch provides on and off control. The mics offer 130dB maximum sound pressure level (less than 0.5 percent THD). They include a hardshell carrying case with a mic clip and cable.
fax 323-890-3701

Compact Flash recorder


PMD671: This device records to Compact Flash cards, has no moving parts and offers multiple recording modes, long record times (36 hours of stereo recording on a 1GB Compact Flash card) and long battery times (six hours with AA alkaline batteries). The recorder offers time-shift playback, XLR microphone inputs with phantom power, a built-in condenser microphone, RCA line inputs, USB 2.0 connectivity and an optional wired remote. The unit is capable of 24-bit/96kHz PCM recording and the 1GB Compact Flash card can provide 30 minutes of record time at high-resolutions.
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Status alarm system


Sentry 16: An audio and logic monitoring system, it continuously scans as many as eight audio or program channels and eight logic or status inputs to detect changes in station operating parameters. It combines single-point monitoring of critical audio channels and equipment status, flexible local and remote alarm capabilities, and a computer interface for remote interrogation. The system senses changes in audio program levels, phase reversals occurring in the audio chain and changes in equipment operational status. Unit control is provided via front-panel push buttons and a 16-character alphanumeric dot-matrix display and an RS-232 interface; alarm readout through 16 front-panel tri-color LEDs, the alphanumeric display window, dry SPDT contacts from two alarm relays, an open-collector external alarm output and the RS-232 port.
fax 610-687-2686
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Dual reverb, effects processor


MX200: This 1RU, two-channel processor offers a USB connection and VST or an audio unit interface for use with software recording platforms. A USB plug-in feature allows users to add effects to their computer-based recordings within the GUI that appears in the recording application like a plug-in. The cross-platform MX-Edit editor and librarian software allows users to create, edit, organize and store programs on their computer. Ninety-nine factory programs offer reverbs and effects, with an additional 99 programmable slots for creating custom effects.
fax 781-280-0490


SLS Loudspeakers

PS8R: Two power supplies are incorporated in this speaker to minimize crosstalk and deliver clean power supply rails for high-frequency and low-frequency amplifiers. A balanced receiver and a two-channel active crossover allows maximally flat response and accurate time-alignment, yielding a frequency response of 44Hz to 20kHz �2dB. The low frequency amplifier delivers 180Wrms of output power to the 8″ woofer with an integral phase plug, while the high frequency amplifier yields 40Wrms to drive the PRD500 5″ ribbon driver. Maximum SPL is 110dB at 1m. A dispersion angle of 120� horizontal/30� vertical allows for a wide-area listening zone. Balanced inputs with adjustable sensitivity help maximize signal transfer, while the LED status indicator displays operational status for power, protect, peak and standby.
fax 417-883-2723
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Multipattern mic

Cad Professional Microphones

GXL3000: A large-diaphragm, multi-pattern (cardioid, omni, figure-eight) condenser mic, this transducer features a 1″ dual diaphragm, a highpass filter and a 10dB pad. A shock mount is included.
fax 440-593-5395
[email protected]

Loudspeaker series

QSC Audio

Modular Design Series: The MD Series includes six models available in three coverage patterns with 12″ or 15″ low-frequency drivers. Two low-frequency models with single 15″ and 18″ transducers are the MD-L115 and MD-L118. All the models share the same 35″ tall, 30� trapezoidal enclosure. The enclosures are designed with 30� angles, tightly packing them together splays the 60�40 horns and provides uniform coverage of any multiple of 60� to 360�. No gaps or spacers are required and the radial front grilles form a contiguous cylindrical surface. All models feature a rotatable high-frequency horn, enabling them to be used vertically or horizontally. Two-way models can be operated in full-passive or bi-amplified mode.
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Studio recording preamp


Onyx 400F: A 10-channel, 192kHz-capable Firewire audio interface, the system’s on-board DSP mixing matrix allows latency free headphone mixing and routing independent of the DAW software. Front panel controls include control-room output level, dual independent headphone outputs with dedicated level control, dual instrument inputs and four-segment metering for the mic inputs. The rear panel includes four combo mic/line inputs, balanced TRS sends and returns for the first two mic inputs, four line inputs, eight line outputs, control room outputs, word clock I/O, MIDI I/O, S/PDIF I/O and two Firewire ports. The 1RU steel chassis features an extruded aluminum front panel with machined aluminum knobs.
fax 425-487-4337
[email protected]

Upgrades and Updates

The latest version of Voxpro from Audion Laboratories includes an overhaul of the file format, networking protocols and the way user accounts and settings are maintained.(�The new Windows software module from DK Technologies, DK-Logging, connects a PC over a serial interface directly to DK audio meters. It can log 16 audio channels simultaneously with logging intervals of one second. (��Broadcast Electronics has added features to Now Playing: a Live CD module for instant CD song title and artist text retrieval; News Flash Pro to compose instant messages from the control room for transmission over RBDS, HD Radio and Internet streaming applications; and a Live Data module for accessing and incorporating text readouts from third-party organizations. (�The Whirlwind products now support Ethersound. Whirlwind is a user of the Lab X Technologies’ ESX Network I/O module. (�Netmix Pro 3.4 is the upgraded version of the Creative Network Design sound library management software. It allows users to to search, audition, transfer and manage audio files. (�Steinberg Media Technologies has released the Nuendo 3.2 media production system software that includes control room features such as four studio outputs, extra mix, headphone and control room busses, configurable input returns and user definable monitor setups. (