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New Products from the NAB Radio Show and AES

New Products from the NAB Radio Show and AES

Nov 1, 2007 12:00 PM, by Erin Shipps, associate editor

Digital audio cable


Brilliance AES/EBU: This single-pair cable is ideal for use in permanent installations of balanced-line analog or digital audio. In the presence of unbalanced signals, the addition of a balun will enable the cable to support many coax-based signal types, such as analog audio, S/PDIF digital audio and professional AES3-ID digital audio, as well as surveillance cameras.
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Liquid-cooled transmitter


2x5kw: The 2x5kW dual-drive, liquid-cooled wide band, frequency agile, FM transmitters have a single 42RU cabinet. Each 5kW transmitter is cooled by water plates built with military-grade components. A Central Unit (CU) that enables quick and user-friendly access (color graphical 1/4 VGA display, bright keyboard and various menus) drives each individual unit to the modules of the system.
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Headphone amplifier


Headlite 2: The Headlite 2 features a four-input, four-output amp with input selection for each amplifier. This upgraded version features new ICs that significantly improve overall performance, particularly into low impedance headphones. It also features conductive plastic pots, an upgraded selector switch and a balanced input option.
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Compact flash card


CFPRO: This high-speed Compact Flash media is optimized for critical audio applications. Extensively tested with a range of popular audio and video devices and supplied with a five-year warranty, the new 80x rated 1, 2 and 8GB Compact Flash cards feature fast ATA host-to-buffer transfer rates supporting PIO 4 in true IDE mode, and a highly sophisticated error correction code and wear-leveling algorithm to provide superior levels of performance and dependability.
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Announcer’s console

Studio Technologies

Model 233: The Model 233 is the sixth addition to Studio Technologies’ Model 200-series of announcer’s consoles. This unit, incorporating several user-requested features, supports specialized applications including stadium announcement and live-event production. Features include an integrated side tone section, two line-level audio talkback outputs, two line-level audio inputs, sophisticated dual-channel intercom interface, and a tally output.
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Locking IEC power cord

Canford Audio

IEC-Lock: These leads use patented female connectors with an internal locking mechanism that locks an IEC power cord in place to provide a simple way of securing a power cable to any electrical equipment fitted with a standard IEC connector. They are ideal for for use with critical equipment and in areas subject to vibration such as remote vehicles, touring and fly-away equipment where standard connectors may become dislodged in transit. The internal locking mechanism grips the equipment ac ground pin preventing accidental removal of the plug. An external sliding button releases the latch.
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Nearfield monitor


SCM16A: The compact SCM16A active loudspeaker is designed for small to medium-sized studios or in remote locations. ATC’s Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) uses two lightweight driver cones to sandwich a constrained damping layer. CLD is different than conventional damping because of the way it shears adjacent cone sections when the cone flexes. The shearing causes unwanted vibration energy to dissipate as frictional heat, instead of as acoustic distortion. The design reduces harmonic distortion between 300Hz and 3kHz, creates an extended resonance-free axial frequency response and improves the off-axis frequency response. In addition to the 150mm CLD mid/bass driver, the SCM16A features a neodymium 25mm soft dome tweeter. The SCM16A’s upgraded on-board amplifier pack provides 200 watts to the mid/bass driver and 50 watts to the HF driver. Operating in Class A up to two-thirds of output, this ultra-low distortion design is capable of continuous sound pressure levels up to 108dB.
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Digital delivery system

Wegener Communications

Ipump 6420: Wegener’s Ipump 6420 digital satellite receiver, IP router and media server is specifically designed for regionalizing affiliate radio broadcasts � combining the efficiencies of large network operations with the customized listening experiences offered at the local level. Its next generation architecture integrates file-based program distribution with live programming, blending audio outputs through the use of audio fades, mixes and pre-positioned station liners. Customized playlists, network control commands and audio programs transmitted over satellite to targeted Ipump media servers can be stored to internal hard-drives or output for live broadcast.



Nuendo 4: Preview mode, Fill commands, Punch Logs, Virgin Territories and the new Touch Collect Assistant are only some of the new functions that unite the best functionality found on traditional hardware mixing consoles with the flexibility inherent in Nuendo 4. The new Mediabay file management system for audio, video and other media files can replace many external FX database solutions. Mediabay browses, archives, retrieves and searches media files across any connected drive. Utilizing intelligent database technology, user-definable tags and other features Mediabay allows instant pulling up and filtering of search results, smart file management and much more.
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Analog modulation monitor

Day Sequerra

M2A: The M2A is an analog modulation monitor that can be upgraded to a full HD Radio modulation monitor. The unit includes adjustable channel spacing, de-emphasis and operating voltage selection for worldwide operation. The M2A provides full off-air and direct monitoring capabilities for analog FM, including demodulated audio level, carrier modulation level, pilot and SCA injection level, incidental AM noise and RBDS decoding and display. The unit includes programmable opto-isolated alarms for audio peak, audio program, carrier loss and RBDS data loss. Options include an off-air AM measurement package with C-Quam AM stereo and Ethernet remote control with Day Sequerra’s Remote Dashboard(tm), a proprietary PC-based application that includes monitoring, logging, alarms via e-mail and scanning of up to 100 preset stations.
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Analog-to-digital converter


AD9200A: The AD9200A features eight-channel balanced analog input delivered via a 25-pin DB25 connector wired to the Tascam/ProTools pin-out. Digital output consists of four XLR connections, each carrying two channels of AES3 audio. The AD9200A converter outputs AES3 format with 24-bit word length and 192kHz sample rate, providing the same consistent quality found on Genelec’s 8200 Series DSP products.
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Main monitor

Adam Professional Audio

S7A MK2: The S7A MK2 is an active, four-way design that combines paper woofers and Hexacone midwoofers with Adam’s X-A.R.T. folded ribbon midrange drivers and tweeters in a full range system for larger control rooms. The S7A MK2 is a unique combination of Adam’s proprietary transducer technology, modern PWM amplifier design, a sophisticated control panel and a d’Appolito speaker alignment that result in a no compromise unit for the most demanding critical monitoring environments.
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Double-shieldedsingle-pair analog cable

Gepco International

XB401FB: The XB401FB is a double-shielded version of Gepco’s original XB401 single-pair audio cable. Featuring a low-capacitance and low-noise design, it is the ideal single-pair cable for permanent installation in critical audio applications. The XB401FB conductors are made from finely stranded 24AWG oxygen-free copper to allow for maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. For exceptional RF/EMI noise rejection, the XB401FB features two shields � a 95 percent TC braid and a 100 percent foil shield � as well as precision, high-twist conductor pairing. Each conductor is insulated with a data-grade foam dielectric for low capacitance and easy termination. The outer jacket is constructed from Gepco’s G-Flex compound which is extra-flexible and easy to strip.
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Communications interface

Riedel Communications

MADI: The new card provides a MADI interface to integrate the Artist intercom platform with digital audio router systems. All Artist intercom control panels are connected to the matrix via standard AES3 signals. So instead of laying additional cables, it is now possible to connect intercom panels to the audio router using the router’s infrastructure for panel distribution. The MADI card also furnishes a convenient solution for connecting multi-channel audio between the audio router and the intercom system.
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Storage server


Extremestor-Capella: This 4GB Fibre Channel Host data storage program is designed to support the uncompressed audio sessions for direct attached and SAN implementations. Scaling anywhere between 16TB and 80TB on a single system that requires minimal rack space Extremestor-Capella offers on-line capacity expansion at SAS and SATA II disk levels. Its enterprise dual disk architecture simplifies management and growth for a full range of mid to complex applications.

FM bandpass filters

Jampro Antennas

RCBC: The Jampro RCBC-FM RF System series of combiner bandpass filters utilize capacitive-loaded copper center conductors inside 4″ aluminum cavities to ensure low passband loss. The filters are designed to provide optimum performance for low (1kW) to medium/high (up to 35kW) power transmitter systems in a modular configuration. Filters with two, three, four or five sections are designed, assembled, tested and shipped from stock to meet the required rejection specifications. Wide passband bandwidth is maintained for all designed to ensure no signal degradation. EIA connectors are standard and unflanged available upon request.
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Condenser mic

Blue Microphones

Joe: The newest addition to Blue’s microphone line, Joe is a cardioid, large-diaphragm condenser mic. Joe is designed to capture a wide variety of sound sources, such as vocals, acoustic instruments, drums and more. The microphone cable plugs into the mic clip, leaving the capsule housing floating in balance to accommodate a wider range of positioning options.

Twin receiver

Sennheiser Electronic

EM 3732: The EM 3732 offers automatic scanning functionality, choice of five frequency ranges, transmitter synchronization via infrared interface, flexible analogue and digital connection options and exemplary audio quality. The receiver features six user-selectable fixed frequency banks and one user bank with up to 60 channels that can be programmed in increments of 5kHz. The EM 3732 automatically searches for free frequencies within a frequency bank. An integrated antenna splitter allows up to eight EM 3732 twin receivers to be daisy-chained.
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Realtime noise reduction


ANR-B: The ANR-B uses noise reduction technology to identify and suppress environmental broadband noise, hum, phone line artifacts and more, increasing the quality of audio broadcasts involving radio call-in programs and on-location broadcasting. The ANR-B adapts to changing noise over time, allowing for automatic operation. The two channel ANR-B features broadcast connections including analog and digital I/O, LAN for advanced parameter control, and MIDI for remote automation.
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Stereo reverb/effects processor


PCM96: Featuring a wide array of algorithms with related delays and effects, the 1RU PCM96 integrates as a control-only DAW insert or Firewire streaming hardware plug-in. The PCM96 offers a selection of Lexicon reverbs and effects plus new Room and Hall algorithms and an assortment of new mono reverbs and effects. Selectable, reversible reflection patterns, multimode filters, and infinity switches provide additional new capabilities. It includes two channels XLR analog and two channels XLR AES3 digital I/O, as well as MIDI, Wordclock, Ethernet and Firewire connectivity.

Audio cables


AESX Series: These interconnect cable assemblies are manufactured with Neutrik XX Series XLR connectors. The series includes single- and eight-pair 110ohm AES3 digital cable assemblies. The single-pair cords provide two digital signal paths and are available in 10 to 100ft lengths, while the eight-pair multicables allow for 16 digital signal paths configured with XLR fanouts on each end. Two application-specific models are available: studio select featuring 26 gauge conductors for added flexibility in 10 to 50ft lengths and road-tough assemblies featuring extra low loss 24 gauge conductors and super durable cable jacket in lengths from 10 to 250ft.
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Streaming audio program

OK Radio Group

Stream on Fiber: Using the Ogg Vorbis encoder, Stream on Fiber saves a station time and money while generating more revenue and listenership through Web streaming. Stream on Fiber is simple to use: Attach audio into the encoding appliance. It features an independent audio player, no maintenance is required and there are no encoder licensing costs.
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Fiber optic connector system


IP65 Rated Opticalcon: This solid, ruggedized and protected fiber optic connector system has been upgraded for dust tight and water jet protection. To achieve a water-resistant IP65 connection, additional seals and gaskets have been employed on the chassis connector and cable ends. This new system is based on a standard optical LC-Duplex connection; however, the Opticalcon improves this original design to ensure a safe and rugged connection. It enables up to four copper wires to run power or data signals through. A special SMPTE-version has been optimized for broadcast applications, which provides an additional ground-shell contact.
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