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New Support Option for SS32 Systems

New Support Option for SS32 Systems

Jun 1, 2009 9:31 AM

Dallas, TX, and Southfield, MI – May 29, 2009 – A new partnership gives new choices to SS32 radio automation users. Dave Scott, former CEO of Scott Studios, and Enco Systems are teaming to service and support SS32 stations. The venture is Scott-Enco.

“I rehired a number of my best techs after Google laid them off,” says Scott. “We’ll support and tune-up software and hardware for SS32 systems. Scott-Enco will provide new options for this great gear. Tons of SS32 owners have asked me to do this. In partnership with Enco, we’ll maintain SS32 systems affordably.”

Gene Novacek, president of Enco Systems, notes that the new Presenter was developed with input from Dave Scott. Novcek also said, “I’m sure that good support will be available for SS32 from the factory; however, we hear questions from SS32 users. We’ll provide a choice for support and another upgrade path.”

Support and service are available beginning June 1, 2009 by calling 1-248-603-2400. The website is

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