20 American-based Shortwave Stations to Use DRM

20 American-based Shortwave Stations to Use DRM
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Twenty American-licensed or American-based shortwave stations plan to begin Digital Radio Mondiale transmissions on Sunday, Oct. 26.
The stations are doing so with the help of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters program "Voice of the NASB." DRM is a new digital technology for shortwave, medium-wave/AM and long-wave frequencies.
This line-up includes DRM member HCJB Ecuador, which is based in Colorado Springs, Colo.
"Voice of the NASB" also will include content provided by DRM member VT Merlin Communications, which will relay the program from its Rampisham, England, transmitter site. The program will include content from DRM member the International Broadcast Bureau/Voice of America, and Belgium's TDP Radio.
"Voice of the NASB" will be transmitted to Europe on Sundays, 1330-1400 UTC on 9785 kHz.


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Shortwave Awaits DRM in United States

U.S. shortwave broadcasters anticipate the availability of the first low-cost Digital Radio Mondiale receiver by the end of the year, though no DRM transmissions are originating yet in the United States, despite FCC approval.