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‘Accelerated Activity’ Seen for Radio Sales

'Accelerated Activity' Seen for Radio Sales

Despite mostly flat radio revenues in May, the RAB is predicting “accelerated activity on the horizon” for the third quarter of this year.
National business numbers saw slight growth in May; local ad sales stayed the same compared to last year’s May numbers. National dollars rose 4% in May of 2002. According to the RAB, the combined total for May was also flat when compared to May 2002 numbers.
Year to date, radio showed positive growth thanks to pre-war ad spending. Local sales numbers for the first five months of this year were up slightly – just 1% – over the same time period from 2002. National dollars rose 5% January through May.
“Radio has managed to tread the waters of a challenged economy that was further muddied by world events,” stated Gary Fries, president and CEO of the RAB. “We see a strong, consistent recovery in radio starting in the third quarter. Business activity has stabilized and is accelerating as we move forward throughout the year.”