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‘Day to Day’ Will Come Out of New NPR West Facility

'Day to Day' Will Come Out of New NPR West Facility

The NPR/Slate Magazine show “Day to Day” will be produced out of the new NPR West facility. The program will debut in July.
The organizations will co-produce the one-hour weekday radio newsmagazine, targeted for midday broadcast on NPR stations. Alex Chadwick will host the program, which will originate from NPR West in Los Angeles. Slate contributors will include Michael Kinsley, Jacob Weisberg and William Saletan. An editor from Slate will join the show’s production staff.
“Day to Day is the first program collaboration NPR has initiated with a commercial media outlet in its 33-year history,” the organization said in its announcement. “It is also NPR’s first new newsmagazine since ‘Weekend Edition,’ which began in 1985.”
NPR West opened in November and was featured in Radio World’s March 12 issue. “Tavis Smiley” is already produced there. NPR sources said at that time that another program would soon be announced and based at the facility.