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$46,000 in Fines Proposed for Icicle

FCC says four stations had missing public file documents

The FCC has proposed a total of $46,000 in fines against Icicle Broadcasting for public inspection file violations at four stations and plans to issue a short-term license instead of the full eight year-term for all but one facility.

The affected stations are: KOHO(FM), Leavenworth, Wash., KOZI(AM) and KOZI(FM), both in Chelan, Wash. and KZAL(FM), Manson, Wash.

Icicle brought the missing documents to the agency’s attention when the broadcaster filed its license renewal application for the stations.

The proposed fines are $12,000 each for KOZI(AM), KOZI(FM) and KZAL(FM). KOZI(AM) had 24 missing quarterly issues/program reports, while KOZI(FM) was missing 26 and KZAL was missing 20 from its public inspection file, according to the FCC. Icicle told the commission the stations had “significant” management changes for the properties during the license term and regretted the error. The owner told the commission it has re-created the documents and put procedures in place to prevent a reoccurrence.

The base fine is $10,000, though the commission said the agency raised the amount for the three facilities because the FCC felt the violations over a seven-year period were extensive. “Although we are concerned about” Icicle’s “cavalier attitude” toward creating and retaining the lists, the violations don’t meet the threshold to deny license renewal, according to the commission

However, once this proceeding is done the FCC will grant only a four-year renewal for these three stations, to give the commission time to review the station’ compliance with agency rules, according to the decision.

The Audio Division proposed the base fine of $10,000 for KOHO with no restrictions on its renewal because the station had fewer, 12, documents missing from its public file.

Icicle has 30 days to appeal or pay the fines.

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