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ABA to Host Free ABIP Seminar

Two-day training program is open to all and scheduled for mid-July

Next month, the ABA Engineering Academy will host a free training program to prepare engineers for the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program in Hoover, Ala.

ABIP is a plan in which stations can elect to have a representative from their state broadcast association perform an inspection of their facilities as the FCC would to ensure the station’s compliance with regulations. Those stations that sign up can forego unscheduled FCC inspections for a three-year period, unless the commission suspects a problem.

[FCC, Please Update Your Self-Inspection Lists]

According to Alabama Broadcasters Association Contract Engineer and Engineering Academy Director Larry Wilkins, the two-day seminar is open to engineers from all states, whether or not they have previously trained to be an ABIP inspector.

Wilkins also said the program could be a helpful “educational tool to aid engineers in maintaining their operation in compliance with current FCC rules and regulations.”

The seminar will be taught by South Carolina ABIP Inspector John George, in addition to Wilkins, who also serves as an ABIP inspector for Alabama. Wilkins also noted that the commission had expressed an interest in making sure that ABIP inspectors across the US are “on the same page,” and he believes this seminar “is a step in the right direction.”

Scheduled for July 17–18, the first day will be held in a classroom setting at the ABA Training Center, followed the next day by “mock inspections” at local broadcast stations.

Those interested should register online here.