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ABC News Radio Touts Wi-Fi Use

ABC News Radio Touts Wi-Fi Use
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ABC News Radio said it is putting wireless Internet technology to use to deliver studio-quality broadcasts from remote locations.
"Correspondents for the radio network have begun using Wi-Fi technology, one of the latest 'hot sectors' in the high-tech world, to originate live news broadcasts," it announced.
"The use of Wi-Fi with audio computer software is allowing reporters for the first time to transmit high-quality audio over the Internet without being tethered to a telephone or broadcast line," it stated. Correspondents are using laptop computers and microphones to connect to high-speed wireless Internet connections at wireless "hotspots."
The organization has correspondents using this approach in North Carolina and Virginia, anticipating Hurricane Isabel. ABC News Radio did its first live Wi-Fi broadcasts earlier this month from Manhattan and Capitol Hill.


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