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ABU Promotes World Radio Day

Organization joins other international committee members

The Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union has joined the International World Radio Day Committee to help promote the Feb. 13, 2013 celebration.

Sponsored by UNESCO and endorsed by the UN General Assembly, the annual celebration is intended to raise awareness about radio’s important role as a means of communication and entertainment worldwide. It is also designed to encourage broadcasters and networks to promote freedom of information and international cooperation.

The WRD Committee encourages countries to participate by planning activities with regional, national and international broadcasters, NGOs, the media, as well as the public. The event features a web platform for public, private, online and community radio organizations, radio professionals and listeners to exchange views and express support for the medium. The website also allows people to upload and download sound bites, which can be no longer than one minute, and should be related to World Radio Day.

Other members of the committee include: Academia Española de la Radio, Association of European Radios, Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, Arab States Broadcasting Union, The African Union of Broadcasting, World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication, European Broadcasting Union, International Association of Broadcasting, International Telecommunication and International Radio and Television Union.