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AFTRA: Don’t Pass the Buck to On-Air Employees

AFTRA: Don’t Pass the Buck to On-Air Employees

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists isn’t thrilled with a move by Clear Channel to have its on-air employees split the financial responsibility of future FCC indecency fines.
“The responsibility for complying with FCC regulations rests with the employers. Our members aren’t responsible for programming the stations, and they don’t hold a station’s license to broadcast on the public airwaves. It’s completely inappropriate and unprecedented for a broadcast company to shift the burden of complying with FCC regulations onto the backs of its employees,” stated Tom Carpenter, AFTRA national director of news/broadcast.
“What’s truly indecent about this situation is how big media is trying to absolve itself of complying with FCC regulations by making its employees pay fines that are only levied because of management’s programming decisions.”

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