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AFTRA Vows to Continue Fighting Consolidation

AFTRA Vows to Continue Fighting Consolidation

AFTRA members remain opposed to media consolidation.
Delegates representing broadcasters, actors and sound recording artists in Nashville reaffirmed a commitment to allocate resources to the effort.
AFTRA National President John Connolly, said, “We certainly made progress after June 2, when it started to dawn on members of Congress exactly what had happened and what the consequences to localism and diversity could be.”
Convention members unanimously endorsed a resolution urging Congress to “pass legislation that restores meaningful media ownership limits and encourages independent and diverse production so as to protect localism and diversity, as well as innovation in all American media.”
While FCC Chair Michael Powell asserts he has heard the public concerns
about media consolidation “loud and clear” and is taking steps to “boost
local programming on radio and television,” AFTRA remains skeptical.
The union’s national director of broadcasting, Tom Carpenter, stated that the solutions being offered, including licenses for LPFMs, would do nothing to protect local programming in many communities.