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Alleged Pirate Operations Tagged in Florida Sweep

Miami area a particular focal point

The Federal Communications Commission is continuing to track down unlicensed radio operations across the state of Florida, and this time, has let nine alleged operators know that their radio stations may be operating without federal authority.

Agents from the Miami field office notified alleged pirate operators in the cities of Miami, North Miami, Delray Beach, Vero Beach, Homestead, Riviera Beach, Pompano Beach and Hollywood and that they may be operating a radio station without a valid license.

Both property owners and renters were snagged in this latest sweep, as well owners of commercial properties — an owner of a mixed-use building, owners of residential properties, an operator of a smoke shop, and a renter in a palm-tree-lined residential neighborhood.

In Miami, both Vilnord Simon and Alejandrino Ramos were issued a formal notice of unlicensed operation for allegedly operating a radio station on 103.1 MHz (Simon) and 93.3 MHz (Ramos). Field agents from the enforcement bureau in the Miami Office determined that Simon has been renting a property on NE 112th St. in this city of 450,000, but that no license was issued for operation of a station at that location on 103.1 MHz. A similar notice was handed to Ramos for allegedly operating on 93.3 MHz from a residential property on SW 297th St., about 10 miles away.

Agents were apparently not trick-or-treating on Halloween when they used direction-finding techniques to detect radio signals on frequency 90.5 MHz in Vero Beach. Jocelyn M. Joseph was notified that radio signals were allegedly detected on Oct. 31 on frequency 90.5 MHz at the Legendz Tattoo and Smoke Shop.

Nearly 100 miles south in Delray Beach, agents delivered another notice of unlicensed operation letter to Sylvio Pierre after agents found that Pierre was alleged operating a station without a license on frequency 104.7 MHz from a commercial property on Lake Ida Rd. in Delray Beach.

The owner of a residential property in Riviera Beach was also wrapped up in the sweep. Agents notified Palm Beach Rentals that unlicensed radio signals were allegedly emanating at 97.1 MHz from a multi-unit residential property on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in that city.

Included in this large batch of notices, all of which were sent on Nov. 20, were also missives sent to Adner and Carlie Joseph from Homestead; the company 1973 Bay Ridge Parkway Inc. in Pompano Beach; Hollywood Cambridge Partners LLC in Hollywood; and Wanick and Rose St. Fleur from North Miami.