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Allen Hartle, Meet Frank Foti: Omnia Gets Into RDS

Allen Hartle, Meet Frank Foti: Omnia Gets Into RDS

In a deal that revolves around RDS, Omnia Audio is partnering with The Radio Experience in a joint venture.
The companies said they’ll provide dynamic data technology for broadcasters wishing to datacast to RDS, HD Radio and Internet Web pages.
Foti, president of Omnia, said, “Broadcasters have really begun to realize the positive potential in displaying dynamic information related to their on-air activities.” Hartle, president of The Radio Experience, said the partnership “brings together all the pieces of the datacasting puzzle.”
“RDS has been used widely in Europe since the 1980’s,” adds Hartle. “Now, as more cars sold in the American market come equipped with advanced radios, broadcasters see the advantages of adding the system to their service.”
According to the companies, RDS hardware products offered by the joint venture will include an RDS Encoder with integrated RDS Accelerator, to give broadcasters the ability to send text information to RadioText and Dynamic PS displays and a Dynamic Data Processor that provides data distribution capabilities for RDS and HD Radio.
Software products will include “Now Playing” software to interface RDS with automation systems for automatic music information retrieval, and “NewsFlash”, which enables studio operators to broadcast weather reports, RDS Traffic alerts, Amber Alerts and sponsor participation in RDS, HD Radio and Web site displays.