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All-Pro Alleges Interference From KRTH

In FCC complaint, KATY wants CBS station to turn down digital power

All-Pro broadcasting, licensee of KATY(FM) in the California town of Idyllwild, says it’s receiving “ongoing and destructive interference” from the IBOC signal of KRTH(FM), Los Angeles. Idyllwild is in the Temecula Valley and is part of the Riverside-San Bernardino market.

On 101.3 MHz, KATY, a Class A, is first-adjacent to KRTH, a super-powered Class B FM, operating on 101.1 MHz.

Elliott Klein, the consulting engineer for KATY, told Radio World he began preparing the measurements needed for the filing in August 2008. He said KATY has been experiencing interference from KRTH since that station turned on its digital power in June 2007.

KATY wants the Federal Communications Commission to make the CBS Radio-owned KATY to reduce its digital power level and “cooperate with All-Pro so the parties can promptly resolve the problem.”

KATY gave the commission a CD containing recordings it says are actual clips of audio interference experienced by a factory in-dash radio as the vehicle was driven on roads within KATY’s 60 dBu contour.

CBS Radio is reviewing the petition and said it would respond, as necessary, to the FCC.

Another station, KMLA(FM), El Rio, Calif., has filed a similar complaint, according to the CGC Communicator newsletter.