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Alphaton Signs U.S. Distributor to Sell Cable Tester

Alphaton Signs U.S. Distributor to Sell Cable Tester

An active remote cable tester used in Europe now is available to U.S. buyers. Alphaton, based in Germany, will offer the ACT-100 Cable Tester through its North American distributor, Atlantic Pro Audio.
The unit has a hand-held base unit in a metal casing. Error codes are displayed via multicolor LEDs; the code legend is printed on the casing so there are no paper code sheets to keep track of. It operates with 9-volt batteries. An included adapter plug allows the unit to test snake lines and long cable runs where the ends are in different locations.
“The ACT-100 cable tester is especially suited for fixed installations where cables cannot be tested with a standard-type cable tester or ohm meter,” the company stated. “Cold” solderings and junction resistances are displayed by color or luminosity changes in the LED display. The ACT-100 does not require phantom power for testing.
Send and return sections are built into the base unit. In addition to stereo phone jacks, both sections contain male and female XLR connectors, allowing for testing of any gender combination cable. The Remote plug also has male and female connectors for “any-gender” testing. An optional stereo Remote jack for testing jack panels is available, as is an adapter to enable the testing of MIDI cables.
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