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AM IBOC Daytime Only – For Now

AM IBOC Daytime Only - For Now

The working group of engineers evaluating the AM IBOC system of Ibiquity Digital Corp. reportedly plan to recommend that the AM system be used in this country – during the day only. Members of the DAB Subcommittee of the National Radio Systems Committee have concerns about potential interference to first adjacent channels and on the skywaves transmitted by clear channel stations during nighttime operation if AM IBOC were used.
“With the data we had, we could not endorse AM IBOC at night. There’s too much potential for interference. There were real concerns brought on by the way AM propagates at night,” said a committee member.
He believed Ibiquity planned further tests for the AM system and stressed that during daytime hours IBOC AM will be a “tremendous” improvement. Most listeners could not tell IBOC AM audio apart from FM analog in tests, he said.
The DAB Subcommittee plans to vote on the report at its meeting at NAB2002. At that point, it would be delivered to the FCC.