AM IBOC System Mods Coming?

Expect more emphasis now from iBiquity on improving the AM digital experience
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In my previous edition I wrote about the inclusion of AM in upcoming HD Radio portables. I suspect system modifications from iBiquity are helping that development along.

Though company executive Bob Struble told me the technology developer had nothing just yet to announce, he did mention some sort of planned software upgrade the company is working on to optimize AM reception. I've written about this off and on since AMs were allowed to power up their IBOC at night in 2007, and now the company seems to have made some headway.

I noticed that Jeff Detweiler will speak at the NAB Show about upcoming AM HD Radio exciter software improvements providing new features.

Those features include, among other things, a way to allow the AM analog signal "to be restored to 10 kHz bandwidth while providing stereo digital in a single stream configuration which is backwardly compatible with existing receivers." Other updates include AM HD Radio data support for synchronizing audio and data applications and improved time synchronization between audio and PSD to improve music tagging applications.

Another new PSD support feature will sustain station logo and album art images, he said.

Get a sneak look at what Detweiler will talk about here, in the digital edition of the newest Radio World.


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