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American Radio Relay League Petitions FCC

Fletcher Heald & Hildreth weighs in

At Fletcher Heald & Hildreth’s CommLawBlog, Mitchell Lazarus encouraged readers to check out a petition of rulemaking submitted to the FCC on Nov. 15 by the American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio.

The petition asks that the commission do away with caps on so-called symbol rates, which Lazarus characterized in a brief, pithy history as “increasingly anachronistic.” Instead, the ARRL would like for the commission to impose “specific, numerical limits on bandwidth.”

“We think the idea has a lot of merit,” Lazarus wrote. The change “would free amateurs to experiment with faster modes of data transmission while still maximizing their sharing of scarce long-range spectrum resources.”

The FCC is currently inviting comments until Dec. 23 on the petition.