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andHow Encourages Independents

New Zealand indie station promotes commercial free radio

New Zealand’s andHow.FM prides itself on a simple concept — “no commercials, no log on, no fee, no membership.”

Broadcasting via the Internet since November 1998, the station features commercial-free, indie, alternative, retro/vintage rock 24/7 and says it reaches more than 20,000 listeners every 30 days via the medium. The station has also been broadcasting at 107.5 FM from Porirua, New Zealand since 1998.

“andHow began as a dream that was conceptualized and realized when we were broadcasting from laptops and lawn chairs, high a-top the Rainbow Bridge in Bridge City, Texas,” said General Manager Patrick Brennan (aka Reverend Aquaman).

Even back then andHow Web radio was interacting in the cloud, Brennan explains. “We used to take requests by means of ICQ and email, streaming to the world via dial-up Internet in the days before broadband, and before the term ‘social media’ existed,” he said. “Suddenly we were able to help make a very big world seem like a very cozy place to live and right

there we understood our destiny as an international radio station.”

Fifteen years later, andHow, which Brennan describes as a “defender and caretaker of independent, commercial-free radio,” has moved far from its modest Texas beginnings — both geographically and professionally. But, he points out, “as always, our commitment to promote a majority of our content with music from independent artists remains.”

The station also allows its listeners to program andHow by selecting from its music library on the station’s requests page. By requesting certain songs, he says, listeners help promote their favorite indie artists on an international stage. Listenership to these musicians on andHow are reflected in the direct reporting and “scrobbling” of those artists and their rankings to Last.FM, TuneIn and RadioTuna, he said.