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Antenne Bayern Streamlines With DAVID Systems

Content Manager allows consolidation of multimedia content into existing audio production system

DAVID Systems is working with private German broadcaster Antenne Bayern to upgrade the broadcaster’s existing DigaSystem with DAVID’s Content Manager solution.

According to the company, the upgrade is designed to add a lean multimedia production layer that allows Antenne Bayern to operate all its workflows, including third-party software, into a single system. The solution aims to allow radio production specialists more efficiency by consolidating its multimedia content into its audio production environment.

In addition, says DAVID, the modernization enables Antenne Bayern’s video tools to be more standardized and operate on both DAVID Systems’ DigAS framework and non-DigAS frameworks. Content Manager links the workflow system to export RoughCut projects, another DAVID Systems’ solution, into third-party software.

“As our audience continues to express increased demand for video content, video production is becoming more and more relevant for our day-to-day business,” said Michael Kerscher, chief technology officer at Antenne Bayern.

DAVID added that the browser-based Content Manager is also designed to provide radio production professionals context-sensitive project oversight, simplifying the management of day-to-day radio station workflows. It permits radio production professionals to start, edit and finalize projects at any time, from anywhere and on any device, reducing the amount of time employees invest in administrative tasks and training.

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