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Applicants Form Factions in Fight for L.A. LPFM Slot

But it’s not over yet, cautions REC Networks

This text has been updated from an earlier version.

The settlement period for the first group of LPFM mutually exclusive (MX) applications has ended, and outcomes continue to emerge. One market of particular interest is Los Angeles, where a big group of applicants is vying for one frequency.

As we reported earlier, 21 applicants were vying for 101.5 MHz in that huge market, the largest MX group in the country so far resulting from the recent LPFM application window.

Those mutually exclusive applicants in L.A. broke into at least three factions, according to an update posted by consultancy REC Networks, which is also a participant in the haggling. For a detailed update, read her account. Bradley noted that one applicant, the Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District, wants to broadcast from a 1930s-era radio tower used by the former KRKD(AM).

Bradley also lays out the shakeout for 92.7 MHz in Los Angeles and other groupings.

She notes there could be further outcomes from among this first batch of MX groupings from the FCC, meaning developments and deal-making aren’t over. “There are several MX groups that are still not resolved. Some may take months or maybe years to settle,” she wrote. Radio World will continue reporting on selected CP grants and settlements.