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APT Reveals Custom WorldNet Codec Configuration

APT Reveals Custom WorldNet Codec Configuration

The WorldNet Rio Lite version of the Audio Processing Technology
WorldNet Rio Lite is versatile in terms of bit rates, sampling frequencies and the number and type of audio channels it can support. The unit can be shipped with factory default settings, however, the majority of Rio Lites sold will be customized and set up for predefined parameters, as specified by the end-user.
Front panel LEDs indicate status. The unit can be delivered in Mono/Stereo, Simplex or Duplex (Bidirectional) modes. Additional features include Contact Closure (GPI), Alarm Ports and optional AES/EBU audio Input/Output.
A new option available for the WorldNet Rio Lite is Dual Destination in X.21 mode. This feature enables two synchronous streams to interface with a single unit, allowing separate audio channels to feed two different locations. Using the codec in this mode will dramatically reduce the requirement for hardware in a central location, says the company. For more information go to