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Arbitron Announces New Products, Upgrades

New Web-based management tools aimed at PDs and GMs

Arbitron has announced the debut of Arbitron Survey Analytics Program (ARB-ASAP), “a Web-based radio management dashboard and strategic upgrade to mission-critical solutions that enhance utility and feature functionality for radio station general managers and program directors,” according to a press release.

ARB-ASAP’s design allows users to monitor multiple stations, including competitors, via multiple performance metrics. ARB-ASAP is expected to arrive in October 2009 and be a free addition to Arbitron eBook.

Also announced were upgrades to the PD Advantage Web, TAPSCAN Web and TAPSCAN Sales Management Programs.

PD Advantage Web users will have improved access to Portable People Meter (PPM) data. Users of TAPSCAN Web can now use the program with the Firefox browser. And the TAPSCAN Sales Management Program saw a tweaking for an overall improvement in performance.

Alton Adams, executive vice president at Arbitron, said: “We believe these upgrades will help ensure that we deliver the tools that GMs and PDs need to make the most informed decisions about their stations.”