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Arbitron Issues Annual Network Radio Data

'Network radio saw its best numbers amongst black Americans'

Some new data is available to those who sell and promote radio.

According to Arbitron in its latest report about network radio, our medium continues to reach the highly educated and affluent. “College-educated listeners make up nearly two-thirds of the total 18+ audience to network radio. Seventy percent of college graduates tune in weekly.”

Three-quarters of those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 are reached weekly by network radio, and a similar percentage of those over $75K.

Listening by minorities — a sensitive subject these days, given the debate over PPM — was among the topics discussed.

“Network radio saw its best numbers amongst black Americans, reaching 85 percent of persons between the ages 18–49, and reaching 86 percent of persons 25–54,” the company said. “Persons 35–44 accounts for almost 22 percent of network radio’s black 18+ audience.”

The profile information comes from Arbitron’s sample for its RADAR service.

“Advertisers wanting to reach Hispanic teens ages 12–17 will find they have the highest percentage (74 percent) of network radio listening among all Hispanic age groups. Persons 12–24 make up 28 percent of all network radio’s Hispanic audience.”

Sixty percent of network radio listening is out of home and 40 percent was reported at home.