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At Inovonics, a ‘Changing of the Guard’

Ben Barber assumes role of president/CEO

Ben Barber

There’s a new sheriff at Inovonics, though the old one promises he isn’t going away.

The manufacturer of RDS, processing and other broadcast gear announced today that COO Ben Barber has been elevated to president/CEO.

Outgoing President/CEO James Wood made the announcement. Wood is 70. He remains chairman of the board.

Jim Wood

“I’m not retiring,” Wood said in a statement. He plans to remain active in broadcast research, new product development and technical writing.

Engineers who have worked with Inovonics know that Barber has played a key role there. In fact Wood said Barber has “essentially been running the business since he was appointed COO in 2007, and it makes more sense for the person most active in day-to-day management to have full executive authority.”

Wood co-founded Inovonics 40 years ago with Mark Drake, with whom he’d worked in the music business. Drake later pursued other interests.

The May 9 issue of Radio World features an interview with Wood about the company’s 40 years.