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Audio Processors, G-6 Are Planned by Wheatstone

Audio Processors, G-6 Are Planned by Wheatstone

The Generation Six is the next in Wheatstone’s line of router-based control surfaces. It will be shown at NAB.
The Gen 6 integrates with the Bridge Digital Audio Router and allows system-wide access to a station’s on-air and off-air audio resources via CAT-5 or fiber optic cable.
Features include Ethernet protocol, VDIP configuration, X-Y controllers and eight character controller displays, plus an expanded number of AUX sends and increased PRESET options to boost save-recall capability, the company said.
At NAB, Wheatsone also will show a new line of 1 RU audio processors.
“The two channel/stereo audio processor provides an array of analog/digital inputs and outputs, a four-band parametric EQ, three-band compressor and tunable filters along with overall AGC, limiting and expansion,” it stated. “All settings can be stored and replayed as password-protected presets. Front-panel display includes input, output and gain reduction meters. Remote monitoring and operational control is possible using Ethernet-enabled GUI software.”