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Audiovox Chose Clear Channel for Traffic Service to Get to Market Faster

Audiovox Chose Clear Channel for Traffic Service to Get to Market Faster

Other partners in the real-time traffic system announced at CES between Clear Channel and Audiovox are Siemens VDO and Tele Atlas, which is aggregating the traffic data it receives from Clear Channel’s RDS data transmitted in 48 markets. The companies plan to expand their markets to 90 by the end of the year.
Audiovox representative Tom Malone said navigation is a tough sell to consumers. The partners hope that by incorporating the real-time traffic data, which is refreshed every two minutes, the product will be more relevant to the public.
Asked why Audiovox chose to use Clear Channel’s traffic system and the RDS-TMC standard, rather than its satellite radio partners, company officials said they could get it to market faster, using the broadcaster’s existing infrastructure.
The real-time element allows users to adjust their routes immediately, said Jeff Littlejohn, leader of the project for Clear Channel.
Terms of Clear Channel Radio’s relationship with Siemens VDO and Audiovox were not disclosed although partners told RW Online they would all share revenue from systems sold.
The product is shipping to retailers later this month. Prices range from $59.90 per year for the service, plus the cost of the navigation receiver and associated navigation displays. A mirror display will also be available. Depending on the hardware configuration purchased, the price range is roughly $1,200 to $1,900, said an Audiovox spokesman.