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Australia: Youth Station Fundraises for “TransMISSION”

Uses funds to buy Nautel NV7.5lt transmitter, studio equipment

Fresh 92.7 FM of Adelaide, Australia, has raised AU$88,000 (US$72,000) to purchase a Nautel NV7.5lt transmitter and related studio equipment during a four-week “TransMISSION” fundraising campaign.

“The Nautel was chosen based on an industry trend that is emerging in Australia with ARN installing Nautel transmitters around the country,” said the station’s General Manager Troy Sincock. “Such a large installed base of the same model transmitters will result in a clear understanding of their operation among the industry and heaps of spare parts.”

Sincock also noted that the ability to upgrade the 7.5 kW transmitter to 10 kW is an advantage, if they later get a higher power license.

In addition to securing the funds for new equipment, the campaign was recognized by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Awards as the winner of “Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising Campaign.”