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Autogram Owners Look to Sell

Autogram Owners Look to Sell

The owners of Autogram are stepping up their efforts to sell the 35-year-old electronics company. Autogram, founded in 1969, makes broadcast consoles and related equipment.
Ernie and Dolores Ankele are majority owners; Ernie Ankele told Radio World Online he and his wife are “ready to retire.” As well they might be; he’s 81, she’s 75, yet the couple have been active managers even in recent years, and a familiar presence at broadcast trade shows.
Autogram was founded as part of packaging company Day Manufacturing; the Ankeles subsequently bought out that owner. They own about 88% of the company’s stock.
Although the company has been on the block for several years, the Ankeles have now hired a broker to help get a sale.
The couple has said they’ve had discussions with several buyers familiar to broadcasters. The asking price is $1.2 million, including a 12,000-square-foot building in Plano, Texas, built in the 1980s and outfitted with 25 power drops and worktables. The company has about a dozen employees. (Inquiries about the sale of the company can be directed to Ray Carter of Liberty Business Exchange at (972) 484-5225.)
Ankele estimates Autogram has shipped 4,000 to 5,000 consoles over the years, and recently updated audio modules for several consoles in its line. It makes the Classic, Mini Mix and Pacemaker IIK consoles.