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Aviom Has A-Net Pro for Cat-5 Networking

Aviom Has A-Net Pro for Cat-5 Networking

Aviom has introduced a new version of its A-Net protocol.
The company says A-Net Pro64 ASIC gives increased data capacity and signal control, and said the protocol is suitable for broadcast and other audio networking situations.
Because A-Net was conceived for live stage monitor uses, it was designed to transmit in only one direction, the company said – from the input module or distributor hub to the performers’ mixers. It was built to carry 16 channels. A-Net Pro, it stated, is bi-directional and has more capacity. It remains an uncompressed, low-latency system.
“The new version of the protocol carries up to 64 audio channels on a single wire pair in a Cat-5 cable, still at 24 bits. In specialized networks, A-Net Pro can carry 256 channels without sacrificing performance,” according to Aviom.
The protocol has bandwidth for bi-directional talkback, plus Virtual Data Cables, which can be assigned to multiple simultaneous data types, such as MIDI, RS-232 and GPIO.
“Using the VDCs, users can distribute these data throughout the A-Net Pro network, without installing additional cable and without compromising audio performance.”
The company said this makes an A-Net Pro network a hybrid network with high-bandwidth data capability via standard Ethernet-type cable.
The company plans to roll out networking products based on the protocol next year, and hopes other audio manufacturers will integrate it.
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