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Axia Adds Router Selector to Audio Node Suite

Axia Adds Router Selector to Audio Node Suite

Axia Audio released its Router Selector node, a router control device suitable for the Axia IP-Audio networking system. The company says the Router Selector node is similar to traditional router control panels in that it enables operators to scroll through available audio streams, or use one of eight radio-style buttons to select audio sources. The node also adds audio inputs and outputs for convenient connection of local audio equipment.
The Router Selector node is part of a suite of Axia audio nodes that replace PC sound cards and allow mixing and matching of digital, analog and microphone audio. Using the front-panel scroll wheel, users can scroll through an on-screen list of available feeds, and frequently used streams can be mapped to any of eight radio buttons for access. The scroll wheel also doubles as a volume control for the front-panel headphone jack, so users can preview and audition available audio streams.
Back panel features include XLR and RJ45 jacks for analog and digital audio I/O, a sync port for connecting to a house master clock and an auto-switching fanless power supply for silent in-studio use, a feature included in all Axia audio nodes.
“Many of our clients have news, edit, voice-over or production rooms in which they need instant access to networked audio streams,” explains company president Michael Dosch. “And sometimes, these rooms will need to send their work to another destination in real time. The Axia Router Selector node makes this easy.”
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