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Barber: No Big Changes at Inovonics

Jim Wood relinquished ownership on Aug. 1

Ben Barber says it is his intention that Inovonics will carry on business with little change.

Ben Barber (left) with Jim Wood at NAB 2022

As we reported last week, Barber has assumed ownership of the firm from founder Jim Wood.

“We have a good name, and it is my goal to continue to carry on his legacy,” Barber said in a follow-up announcement.

Wood is 80 and has devoted 50 years to the business. He managed Inovonics from its founding in 1972 to 2006, when Barber, then the COO, took over daily operations. Barber became president/CEO in 2012. 

The company quoted Wood saying, “Ben has evolved into a much better manager and planner than I ever was, and under Ben’s guidance the company has dramatically increased its presence, market share and prestige within our industry.” 

Barber said the company plans to continue to “build great gear, sell it worldwide, and provide a stable and sustainable work environment.” Wood will stay involved as an informal advisor.

Inovonics is based in Felton, Calif.

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