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Barix Sponsors International Radio Festival

Festival shares live content to listeners over the air and online

IP audio distribution and control specialist Barix will help the International Radio Festival get its message out to the world, Sept. 4–8 at Schloss Sihlberg in Sihlberg, Switzerland.

For the fourth year, the International Radio Festival offers global audiences the chance to “Listen to How the World Sounds.” The programs will broadcast live content representing different cultures every two hours for four days via over-the-air signals in Zurich and the cities and regions of festival guests; including BBC Radio ONE, Spain’s Ibiza Global Radio and Medina FM of Morocco. The programs will also stream online.

The event offers a networking platform to share knowledge, explore audience trends and engage with consumer and music business audiences onsite, including the B2B Forum, according to a release.

Barix serves as the sole industry sponsor from the vendor side.

“This year the IRF invites more than 25 music radio shows, their creators and the radio stations that broadcast their shows — and otherwise engages with all stakeholders in the industry from presenters and program managers to music labels and technology leaders,” said Miguel Alvarez, festival co-founder.

Alvarez’ partner and co-founder Darryl von Daniken added that the IRF embraces all forms of radio and related broadcast and audio technology. He said it aims to act as a knowledge center for attendees to keep up with cutting edge technological developments.