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BBC Radio 4 Demos 3D Radio

Audio Aired April 1st on ‘Today’ Program

On 1 April, BBC Radio 4 began plans to implement 3D Radio on its channel. Working with musician Robert Fripp and sound engineer Simon Heyworth, the channel aired a demo on the “Today” program.

“It’s an immersive experience in a sonic pleroma,” Fripp said.

While surround sound broadcasts are possible, 3D Radio aims to ensure that the immersive audio experience can be enjoyed on even low-end, analog radio receivers with a mono speaker.

Radio 4 cautions that the glasses-free technology is still under development; some users may need to hold the thin edge of their hand against their nose to help reduce hiss in the 3D Radio audio playback.

Audio from the 3D Radio demonstration has been posted to the “Today” website.

Note: The article has been updated since first published to correct Fripp’s quote.