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BBC Radio Attracts Large Audience in Somalia

Some 1.7 million Somalians tune into BBC World Service

According to a recent survey conducted between May and July of 2014, BBC World Service is the most listened to international radio in Somalia, with almost every second adult a listener.

1.7 million tune into BBC World service, which is broadcast in Somali, English and Arabic, although almost all listeners tune in for the Somali broadcasts, said the broadcaster.

BBC offers two and a half hours of news and current-affairs programming, including a weekly debate show, Waxa ay ila tahay (In My View) on the week’s hotest topics and a weekly sports program, Barnaamijka ciyaaraha, covering both regional and global sport news.

About 70 percent of Somalia’s listeners tune in via FM broadcast, around a third of listeners access BBC radio, and BBC radio’s online presence, through mobile devices.

“These new stats show BBC Somalia’s firm presence — alongside other BBC services — as a vital, objective source for audiences in the region, bringing them reporting and analysis that is relevant to them,” said BBC Africa Editor Solomon Mugera.