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Belgium’s Urgent.FM Runs With Comrex

Triple Audio helped create special set up for live broadcast during City Run of Ghent

Local radio station Urgent.FM got special broadcast coverage during the City Run of Ghent in Belgium, as broadcaster Jonathan Vanooteghem reported live while he ran in the race.

Partnering with Triple Audio to develop the technical set-up, Vanooteghem used a Comrex Access portable and mixer carried in a messenger bag and strapped to his chest to connect to the studio over a 4G network. Two iPods were then attached to his arms and connected by XLR cable to the mixer. He also carried a backpack that contained a Bluetooth Box to stream sound from the studio.

During the race, Vanooteghem stopped to conduct interviews with spectators.

Vanooteghem did this as his final project for, a professional development course for digital storytellers. “It really went great,” he said. “It was even more comfortable that I thought it would be.”